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Good quality almonds

healing qualities.

Almonds are very useful for children.They allow to increase the activity and avoid delays growth, especially in the early age.

Also, almonds, and will reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, for that they need to consume no less than twice in ten days.

high content of Vitamin E Almonds allows its use for the treatment and prevention of dementia in old age.This vitamin is present in almonds in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.Its effect is expressed in the protection of vessels and preventing the formation of clusters of cholesterol.

Eat almonds is also recommended as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent.They are often used in the treatment of lung disease - bronchial asthma, pneumonia, cough, and otitis media.

known beneficial effects of almonds and the nervous system.Nuts can be taken to restore the functioning of the nervous system and the normalization of emotional balance.

unique quality almonds enable its use as a treatment for a wide range of diseases -

heart (tachycardia in particular cured at an early stage of the disease), diseases of the kidneys, eyes, stomatitis (children and adults), as well as for the normalization and restorationbowel.These useful properties, like almond, does not have any more a nut.

Unlike all other nuts, almonds only can effectively numb, soften and reduce inflammation.In the event of seizures almonds taken regularly for two months.

In addition, almonds weaken the effect of the toxins entering our body, which is especially valuable in the current environmental situation.Almond is an excellent natural antioxidant.

Useful properties of almonds in cosmetology.

Almonds and butter made from them are successfully used in cosmetology.On their basis the means for hair, stimulates their growth, enhance shine, increase flexibility, prevent section and loss.After applying the products manufactured with the addition of almonds, hair becomes more flexible and strong.

oil made from almonds, is often used for various types of massages.Unique oil composition does not cause allergic reactions and inflammatory processes of the skin or in adults or even children.Applying almond oil promotes natural skin hydration.It becomes more resilient and elastic, eliminating the possibility of extensions.

oil of almonds is one of the most common agents for the prevention and treatment of various skin disorders.The composition of this oil ensures its rapid absorption into the skin, providing not only beauty, but also a relaxing effect.

Useful properties in aromatherapy.

often used almond and aromatherapy.On the basis of created (even at home) aromatic compounds, thus relieving emotional stress, relax and achieve a state of tranquility and peace of mind.Essential oils contained in almonds, saturate the entire body with positive energy.

Useful properties in dietetics.

Good quality almonds are marked and nutritionists.In addition, it has a high calorie content of essential fatty acids is very high.However, it is interesting is the fact that eating almonds does not cause obesity.Despite the fact that almonds are very generous and high-calorie, it stimulates the breakdown of fat in the body and contributes to their early removal.

Thus, the use of almonds even recommended to anyone who wants to lose weight and limit yourself to food.For example, without fear of weight gain and the extra kilos, can be used in day to twenty-five pieces of almonds.Naturally, this does not apply to salt and roasted nuts.In such a great dose of almonds normalizes cholesterol in the blood and reduces the amount of lipid structures that will benefit any body.

Recipes cosmetics of almonds at home.

Almonds, as mentioned above, are used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetics.High levels of vitamin E in almonds allows to make of them a variety of means to care for skin.Some of them can even make yourself at home.


is an example of a means for any skin type - to mix powdered oatmeal and shredded almonds.All this is thoroughly mixed with the egg white and apply a cleansing scrub.This natural remedy is not to buy in any pharmacy.

Dry mask.

From almonds can also make a mask.For this purpose nuts milled using a blender and mixed with the fatty cream.It is an excellent remedy for skin in cosmetology called dry mask.It can be applied on the face, and even on the neck and chest area.Thus, recovery and nourishment you provided directly to the home.

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