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Scabies: Treatment folk remedies

Since scabies is transmitted among people in contact with each other, can often get sick the whole family, a group of kindergarten, or an entire class of children, pupils together.

scabiosa causes the female mite that gets under the skin in the most delicate areas of the skin.It may be the fingers and toes, elbows and other bends, or genitals.Next mite doing moves and lays eggs, which causes itching very strong and a lot of discomfort.If the sick begins to comb the skin, it carries the parasite to other areas, from which there are multiple inflammation.

If you start to treat itching place means from allergies, the disease only begin to spread further throughout the body.There may be cases when the skin is inflamed, all completely and treat the affected areas becomes much more difficult.

itch moves become noticeable only in a month after infection.On the skin appear in pairs point in those places where the mite gets under the skin and lay eggs.A doctor can determine this illness visually but hold derm

atological study still have.To do this, take a scraping of the epithelium of the skin at the site of the alleged contamination and immediately detect the presence of scabies mite.If you itch at night will disturb severe itching, disturbed sleep.

Sarcoptes mite is invisible without special equipment, since its size is 0, 3 mm.The duration of his life only 8 weeks and in this period the tick can lay up to 50 eggs.The larvae need a week to withdraw from the eggs, and another week to reach sexual maturity.And then they begin to multiply and can affect both large areas of skin.

How to protect against scabies and the right to transfer period of the disease?

1. Wash your hands after being in public places and do not let strangers use your personal hygiene.

2. Spend sick room cleaning: Wipe furniture and floors, change his bed linen, clothes, pillows and mattress.Clean things carefully iron the iron.

3. Use the pressed items not less than 8 days.Itch mite will die during this period.

4. The patient does not have to wash during treatment of scabies.

5. As soon as you notice signs of illness, call your doctor.During treatment is not permitted to use folk remedies to get rid of scabies.

doctors advise only for treatment of the external preparation, such as sulfuric acid or other ointment.The choice of drug depends on the severity of the condition of the patient and the affected area of ​​the skin itch.

Scabies: treatment of folk medicine.

kvass, salt.

Scabies on the hands treated with hot bread kvass and salt.The liter of kvass add 3 tbsp.l.salt and heat it almost to a boil.In this hot mix the hands need to be kept as long as possible, several times a day.

bay leaf, butter.

laurel leaves grind to a fine powder, add 3 tbsp.l.softened butter and mix thoroughly.Places lesions should be lubricated with a mixture of up to 6 times a day.


to the affected skin, apply a small amount of birch tar.After a couple of hours, wash it off with the help of bran and unheated water.

Lard, sulfur and salt.

homemade sulfuric smear skin ointment.Take lard, salt and sulfur in the form of a powder (the ratio of 4: 1: 2, respectively) and mix thoroughly.Use within a week, three times a day.

Turpentine butter.

use as an ointment mixture of turpentine and butter.Take one part turpentine and 4 pieces of butter, stir and smear the affected skin areas twice a day.

Celandine, petroleum jelly.

Every day, 3 times rub the mixture into the skin of pure petroleum jelly and fresh juice of celandine (4: 1 ratio, respectively).


three times a day, smear the skin fresh juice dymyanki.

sorrel horse.

per liter of boiling water add a small bunch of sorrel, boil for a few minutes and let stand for about half an hour.Use topically solution, 4 times per day.

Garlic mustard oil.

Garlic (100 g) ground to a state of pulp and add the mustard oil (400 g).Cook over medium heat for fifteen minutes, drain and place in a glass bowl.It is best to store the mixture in a refrigerator and used several times a day.

Garlic, butter, syrup.

Peeled garlic cloves must be burned to ash status.Stir the resulting ash, butter and molasses in equal shares.To smear the skin with a mixture of 3-4 times a day.

turpentine, linseed oil.

twice a day an ointment to use a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine (ratio 1: 4).

buckthorn bark.

In boiling water add 5 tablespoons.l.chopped buckthorn bark, leave for an hour, apply several times a day.


about 5 times a day, rubbing the skin fresh squeezed cranberry juice.


Raw knautia (3 tbsp. L.) Pour hot water (500 ml) and cook for 10 minutes.Strain the broth and use 5 times a day.

fig leaves.

Juice fig leaves to smear the affected areas of skin 3-4 times a day.

Celandine, carbolic acid, petroleum jelly.

juice celandine, carbolic acid (0. 25%) and pure Vaseline (ratio 1: 1: 4) to mix and smear the lesion.The mixture can also be used to treat herpes.


three times a day, rub the skin juice spurge (green).

Walnuts (green).

Grind 5-6 green walnuts, pour boiling water (500 ml) and boiled for a few minutes.Cool and apply to the skin up to 5 times per day.

When scabies treatment means of alternative medicine should be supervised by a physician.Do not forget about personal hygiene, processing of all personal belongings of the sick and keeping it clean room where it is located.

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