How to identify a possible day of conception?

Poor understanding of the body's own leads to the fact that many couples live in constant eaves to an unplanned pregnancy.Others - unhappy because, despite the excellent health and a great desire, can not wait for the child.Did they choose an inappropriate time for conception.

man is able to conceive throughout his life, beginning in adolescence.That is, male fertility have constant.

fertile women only 4% over the duration of his life.It's hard to believe it?Let's count:

- the girl is not able to conceive before the onset of adolescence (approximately 11-15 years);

- a woman loses the ability to become pregnant after menopause (after about 50 years);

- during childbearing age a woman can conceive a child only a few days a month, only when the egg, which matures every month, released from the ovary.

You can fairly accurately predict the time when a woman fruitful.

menstrual cycle, with respect to the fruitfulness, is divided into three phases:

Phase I - relative neplodovitosti when the egg

grows.Its duration unstable, and in some women it is totally absent (for women with very short menstrual cycle)

Phase II - fruitfulness, when the egg is matured and released from the ovary.Only in this period of possible conception of the child.

Phase III - absolute neplodovitosti, from the moment of the death of the egg until the next menstrual period.

fruitful period in the menstrual cycle can accurately recognize and learn to regulate conception.Although women are often told that it is impossible to determine the time of ovulation.Of course, if the egg had a bell and called to us during the movement of the fallopian tube, then our lives would be much quieter.But why not watch, in its absence, for tselim next character of a fruitful period.

Cervical mucus.

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the cervix is ​​closed by a plug of thick mucus.As the ripening egg increases estrogen levels in the blood.The glands of the cervix is ​​very sensitive to these hormones, and under their influence begin to produce mucus.Please cloudy and sticky mucus, but gradually it becomes clear, slippery.It also increases the number.The woman feels the moisture in the vaginal area.When the mucus resembles raw egg white - that means that ovulation has occurred.After ovulation mucus gradually decreases, it becomes thick, cloudy and forms a mucous plug, which closes back cervix.

prolific slime is necessary to preserve the viability of sperm.This mucus, they can live for three to seven days.Without it, they die after only three hours.When viewed under a microscope, the different types of cervical mucus, you can see that sticky and muddy slime looks densely woven mesh that makes it impossible for sperm penetration through it.The prolific, transparent, liquid mucus fibers straighten and form straight tubules in which sperm swim to the fallopian tubes.

position of the cervix.

Another manifestation of the rhythm of fertility there is a change in the position of the cervix.It can determine not only the gynecologist, but every woman is alone, and in addition also appreciate its softness or hardness and the degree of openness of the cervical canal.Before ovulation the cervix hard, closed and lowered into the vagina.During ovulation, the cervix is ​​soft, damp (there is mucus), Channel parted, and she pulled the cervix into the vagina up.Immediately after ovulation the cervix under the influence of progesterone is rapidly becoming solid again, closed and lowered.All of these changes quickly determined after the acquisition of some experience.

Monitoring should be held once a day, preferably at the same time.Hocks one foot on the edge of the bath or chair, introduce one or two fingers into the vagina (do not be afraid of infection, if done purely clean hands).The cervix feels easy to distinguish from the milder of the vaginal walls.

3. The basal temperature.

hormone progesterone, which is produced immediately after ovulation, causes an increase in the so-called basal body temperature, which also allows you to set the phase posleovulyatornoy neplodovitosti.The sharp increase in temperature - the races, so that started the production of progesterone, which means that ovulation has already held

temperature should be measured in the morning every day, at one and the same time, immediately after waking up, not getting out of bed.Women who work at night, the temperature measured within 3-4 hours after resting in the bed.The temperature measurement should be performed in the rectum, in the vagina or in the mouth under the tongue.But the whole cycle should be measured by one method and the thermometer has to be one.

temperature before the ovulation can be lowered by 0.1 - 0.2 degrees and then rises after ovulation at least 0.2 degrees and stays at this level until the end of the menstrual cycle.Before menstruation the temperature falls again.The phenomenon of the two-phase temperature, usually takes place in each menstrual cycle of women's health.If in a few months you get a single-phase schedule - it is an occasion to see a doctor.Single-phase schedule of basal temperature indicates hormonal disorders.This method of determining the date of conception, simple, easy, painless, and most importantly cheap.Of course, you can meet women who are not happy with the necessity of daily temperature measurements.They keep saying they do not want to be held captive by the thermometer.But all the people daily in the morning to brush their teeth, and no protests against the tyranny of the toothbrush.Before the daily measurement of temperature can easily get used to.The more so because it's a lot less expensive tests for ovulation, when it comes to the problem of getting pregnant.
Now the Internet there are many programs that can automatically determine the ovulation should only measure temperature and record the results.

4. There are other, more symptoms which relate to ovulation.Some are typical for some women, and some others.


- breast tenderness, pain and sensitivity of the nipple;

- pain in the lower abdomen on one side or the other, which is called ovulatory pain (by the way the most common symptom);

- ovulatory spots (in shorts), due to the presence of a small amount of blood in ovulatory mucus.

Needless to say how important it is possible to couple the recognition of a few days each month when conception is likely a long-awaited child, and the rest of the days when pregnancy is impossible.