Varicose veins treatment

Swollen, gnarled veins bluish give unsightly most beautiful legs, and in addition, they are sore and itching.Anyone who really wants to get rid of them, should consult a doctor: at the disposal of modern medicine are effective and safe methods of dealing with this disorder (injection of chemicals that cause wrinkling of patients with venous surgery, etc.).There are, however, softer methods to suspend the pathological process and make varicose veins less visible.How about to begin to put your feet up on the wall?
healing stretch.
Lie on your back, on the couch or sit in a chair, legs raised above heart level.Varicose veins occur as a result of violations of the outflow of blood through the veins, and when you lift your legs up, they accumulated in the blood rushes to the heart is free.House periodically perform a therapeutic exercise according to the rules.At work, lift the leg to the best of standards, leaning comfortably on a chair or in a chair.
more physical activity requires the following simple

yoga exercise: lie on your back and the wall, without bending his knees, rest in her soles so that his feet were placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor.Lie in this position for 3 minutes, making smooth and deep sighs.
useful additives.
within three months, take twice a day with 250 mg of horse chestnut.A popular folk remedy for varicose veins, readily recommended and modern doctors, horse chestnut improves the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthens the valves inside the veins.From the fourth month of treatment, take buckeye every day.
Three times a day, take 200 mg Asian pennywort.This herb increases the strength of the vascular walls and strengthens the connective tissue surrounding the vein.Italian scientists have shown that patients taking medications pennywort varices significantly improved the functioning of veins in the legs.
added to the teas and other drinks lemon rind.It contains Rutin - a flavonoid that reduces the outflow of fluid from the capillaries into the veins.
Every day take vitamin C. It strengthens and makes it more elastic connective tissue supporting the veins.A daily dose of not less than 500 mg and not more than 3000 mg Vitamins: at occurrence of diarrhea reduce the dosage.
compounds known as oligomeric complexes proantotsianidinovye (DIC), strengthen blood vessels and reduce their permeability to liquids.As has been shown in one study, the condition of varicose veins has improved in 75% of patients treated with the defense industry, and only 41% of patients not treated with these compounds.Daily dose is 150-300 mg of DIC, but these substances are rich and some foods, such as cranberries, blueberries and bilberries.
contrast shower for the feet.
to wash his feet with hot and cold water.Alternating exposure to heat and cold causes the blood vessels to expand it, then to decline, and it improves blood circulation.Taking a shower, make it hot water and pour it on his feet, one - three minutes.Then turn on the cold water and the same time of exposure to cold feet.Repeat the process three times, completed its cold perfusion.
outside support.
If you have varicose veins are small, put on in the morning a couple of elastic support stockings, tights.They will compress the legs and thereby prevent further expansion of vein.Medical compression stockings can be bought in pharmacies.
If varicose veins are large, you will need the stockings or tights with graduated compression.They are very tight-fitting legs at the ankles and a few more free in the shins.This difference in pressure makes the blood flowing from the legs to the heart.Do not buy stockings that squeeze the legs is weak, they must compress the legs so hard that you can barely tolerate.Women are best suited therapeutic stockings.Many companies produce special graduated compression stockings for pregnant women, advanced in the abdomen and waist.
accelerates blood!
long standing or sitting is bad for you!When you sit or stand for a long time, blood accumulates in the legs.Seizing
free minute, spend it walking.Move your feet, you are helping the blood flowing through the veins to the heart.
Work hard if you are sitting or standing, every hour take a break and work down.Minutes 10 rises and falls on the toes, to practice calves.Since the calf muscles adjacent to the veins, cutting, they will squeeze the blood vessels and to displace them from the blood to the heart.
in whatever position you sit, never put one foot to the other.His legs crossed, you squeeze the veins and block the flow of blood to the heart.
Three times a week engaged in aerobic exercise lasting at least 20 minutes, they will help you stay in shape and lose some weight.Excess body weight places additional demands on the veins of your legs.For varicose veins is particularly useful walking: reducing leg muscles, you are helping to drive the blood vessels to the heart.
Gentle massage of the legs or other body area with varicose veins compresses soaked in strong tea from the bark of white oak.Apparently, bark stimulates the blood circulation.
struggle with constipation.
Your diet should include foods rich in fiber - apples, carrots, beans and peas.They will help you get rid of constipation, and it would reduce the load on the veins and improve blood flow to the legs.
Varicose veins pose to their owners more moral than a medical problem.Note, however, see a doctor if the skin over the varicose vein ulcers occur or hair fall.Immediately go to the doctor if ruptured veins, and it bleeds, or if you start to feel pain while walking.Swelling, soreness and redness of one or both legs may indicate the formation of blood clots (thrombi) in the veins.Seeing these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.
DID YOU KNOW?When varicose
useful to wear shoes without heels or low heels no more than 5 centimeters.In such shoes you have to constantly contract and relax the calf muscles, which helps to drive the blood veins from the legs to the heart.
If you have extended the vein and by the end of the day his legs ache with fatigue, do not be tempted to sit in the hot tub!Douches veins is good, but from a long stay in hot water varicose blood vessels may expand even more.