Wellness and spa procedures

And here it is not only in the type of skin, or our personal preferences.SPA-procedures so powerful, and their number is increasing so rapidly, that does not prevent to know how each of them affects not only our appearance, but also on health.It looks like it's time to figure out the most popular and choose the most suitable!

first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Russian bath. Drop a description of the technical details of "cooking" the pair and immediately turn to the case.Wet steam baths Russian perfectly warms the skin (the optimum temperature of 60-70 ° C), increases sweating, helps to eliminate toxins and beneficial effect on the skin, providing the output of accumulated fat from the pores associated channels of the sebaceous glands.Local steam bath, you are doing to clean oily skin - it's good, but if you need to solve problems with acne or lose fat, the Russian bath - the optimal solution of such problems.In addition, when washing the skin in the bath steams, so the dead skin cells are r
emoved gently and naturally, the surface of the skin can be easily cleaned, and the skin looks younger because of this easy on the eyes.

main thing - to know exactly what your cardiovascular system ticking like a clock, and the body does not exasperate chronic kidney, gynecological, gastrointestinal, lung or skin diseases.

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Prepare yourself during a visit to the bath is one of the favorite teas.Tea party - is fine, but herbal tea leaves because you can use as a lotion.For combination skin is best suited infusion of chamomile pharmacy and plantain leaves.

dry hot steam in the Finnish sauna slightly different effect on our skin than wet in the Russian bath, but the contraindications are practically the same.And if before the bath is still possible to take a shower, using the gel before the sauna is better rinse thoroughly with water (and in any case not to use the scrub before the procedure!), Not to wash the skin with a protective layer of fat, but the sweat in the steam room "clean"then.

air in the sauna is quite hot (100 ° C), and people with dry skin sometimes complain of a feeling of tightness in the face.The sebaceous glands at the same time working in the mode of force majeure, as the body seeks to protect sensitive skin from drying.Not even for the most ardent love for this procedure, it is not necessary to hold such extreme skin test.If such feelings arise whenever you are in the sauna, think about alternative SPA-versions.

Little Secrets. Those who have no problem skin reacts to the hot embrace of dry steam, sauna experts advise ceremony after the second call to make easy peeling for face and body, by mixing 100 grams of olive oil to 2 table spoons of coffee grounds.Vegetable oil can replace cream (for sensitive skin) or cream (normal).
phytosaunas that depending on the design known as the Siberian, or Tibetan - is a compact version of the wooden steam room for one person.Such steam room resembles a huge barrel chest and a giant.The steam is fed into the phytosaunas special hose and evenly warms the body and the inner walls of the sauna.Most often used for such phytosaunas valuable cedar wood, known for its beneficial properties.When heated, wood-volatile actively evaporate, providing a healthy effect on the skin and the respiratory tract.

way, phytosaunas shower before you can take on all the rules - gentle and flexible regime of humidity and temperature of the SPA-procedure is quite allow.
session warming up takes 20-30 minutes.Within 5-7 minutes, the temperature rises in phytosaunas necessary to 40-50 C. By the way, can work fitobochka in both dry and wet conditions.Security measures.Their secret lies in the fact that phytosaunas steamed body, and his head is outside.This approach eliminates the steam load on the respiratory putii blood vessels of the brain.

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This procedure works perfectly with the complex application.The steam produced for phytosaunas, made of special herbal infusions in.If you connect to it, for example, tea from a similar collection of herbs and massage, which is done with the help of balms or oils prepared all on the same herbal basis, the effect of phytosaunas increase significantly.
, however, can be prepared, for example, a massage oil that suits your skin type.Just do not forget to take into account the personal sensitivity to the different oils.The base massage blends - 50-70 grams of olive oil.For oily skin, it is best to add to the base 3 drops of cinnamon, lemon and wormwood oil.For dry - in the same way you can add cocoa butter, eucalyptus and avocado.But for normal suitable blend of lavender, rosemary and orange oils.

Whirlpool -one of the most popular salon treatments.Yes, and for general pohorosheniya appearance and lifting mood better than you can imagine.
perform this procedure using special nozzles located inside the spa.Their thoughtful arrangement allows gently and effectively massage the problem areas of the body.It is these jets provide intensive health effects on the human body.

Do not resort to aquamassage immediately after a meal - soak pause.Talk to your doctor about this procedure if you have hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, or varicose veins.

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cosmetic effect of such procedures is known to all: it is expressed in the reduction of cellulite, soft correction, as well as the restoration of the tone and elasticity of the skin with the help of the healing water flows.
most popular home version - aromatic baths, which are most effective just after a bath, sauna or peeling.Organize their home is not difficult, the benefit in stores now full of all kinds of fragrant bombochek, oils and sea salt.
But if you get creative, even at home, you can come up with something useful and enjoyable.For example, to add to the water a couple of freshly prepared cup of fruit or vegetable juice.In winter perfectly suited juices from citrus fruits, carrots and apples.But there are recipes and more difficult.For example, this: peel 3 oranges to dry, grind in a coffee grinder to powder, dilute with a glass of fresh orange (lemon, grapefruit or tangerine) juice, add 2-3 tbsp.tablespoons olive oil and pour into the bathroom.
diversify these procedures will help you all sorts of scrubs, peels and masks, the choice of which simply scatter eyes.The main thing - to know exactly what it wants your soul, and that fits your body!

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