Cancer - a hereditary disease

I could not find this explanation.Moloduha from Zhitomir husband left after learning of her illness, elderly Auntie from Zaporozhye not leave kids alone, requiring split between property.

And they had a few days to live ...
only the dying can answer the question of what else he wants to succeed in these last days.Sin torture dying bustle.Today, something really good, I understand why my mother's neighbor in the ward were so talkative, despite the fact that every word vymolvlennoe give them with a huge difficulty.I was twenty-five when my mother was gone.So we were left alone with her grandmother, and she replaced me literally all: mom, dad, girlfriends, friends.I cried, pouring out her grief her maiden, and she stroked my hair, comforting her, saying: - Oh, Nastya, unless there is a mountain!It will be like the rain.You, child, only here and cry.And nowhere else.People do not like other people's tears: no regret.I believed it, but the hardness of people's confidence will not make me more closed or sta
le.I had a great job in a bank, a lot of friends and loved one.The first bell rang when the grandmother took to her bed.A neighbor has agreed to look after her while I'm at work, and then I myself did not depart from her grandmother on a step.

medications, procedures, call your doctor
.We have become disastrously short of money, and I decided to ask the chief of his department.
- Oleg Pavlovich, let me come in?- I asked, timidly stepping into the room.Tried without chilling details of objectively explain the situation to him, and could not help forgetting grandmother covenant burst into tears.Head grimaced in disgust and said:
- What do you need?The loan, financial aid?The main thing - take it easy.
- No, no!I ask to give me the opportunity to take more work home.I really need the money.The head perked up noticeably.I asked no money, and opportunities to earn them.Oleg Pavlovich bothered to come out from behind the desk, in a fatherly arm around my shoulders and said pompously: "We all have to remember about Christian morality.You are noble and strong man, Anastasia.I will help you!You'll have to find extra money. "If I knew what he had to "light upon", it is better to go wash the floors in the parade.But the next day, dragging home very heavy folders with documents that should be processed in the next time.For mere pennies ... we receive some nonsense.

whole day I work hard in the bank , then rushed home to night did not depart from her grandmother.When she finally fell asleep, I sat for second jobs.Able to sleep a couple of hours.Pumped up caffeine, like a sleepwalker, spanked for work.As I waited for the weekends, when you do not have to go to the bank!Then I managed to sleep a little longer, but not much: the grandmother, washing, cleaning, work.I lost seven kilograms, has become irritable.And even Valery, my favorite, which I have always been confident in itself, became tired of visiting our fleeting fast, hurried phone calls.
- It can not continue!- He was indignant.
- Look who you looked like ?!We must do something.
- Make only one thing - the evil I replied - a pillow to smother her grandmother!I hope you help me?
I threw a loved one.because he is very tired of my problems.I never expected him to such a terrible betrayal
- You neurasthenic - he took offense.
- I can not do anything.Suggest you something serious - even more began to be angry with him.
- Maybe pass grandmother in a nursing home?- He advised caution.
- my grandmother ?!- I began to laugh hysterically.- For what?In order to make you feel comfortable to fuck me ?!And who are you then ?!
- You do not ever expressed.What's vulgarschina!- Valerie blushed with vexation.
- So me and this shitty life before was not!- I snapped.- Do not like it - scram the hell out!

I did not have time and energy for a long time sad that I left the favorite, but I remember it to this day.Because love should not be forgotten.I remember everything about us before the night he left.And that "everything" was perfect!But that night, left me a completely different person: my Valera could not do so.Grandmother quietly smoldering, half a year, and died in my arms.Her last words were strange and unsolved me phrase.She smiled and said:
- not going on the road ahead, and when you open the door, be sure to smile at someone, even if they hurt you.Then you will understand.But first smile.And everything will be fine, baby!What did she say?Not left my family after the death of my grandmother ... The first few days after the funeral, I just sleep: wake up only to eat.As soon as I come to work, I was summoned Oleg Pavlovich and said:
- Anastasia, you wrote in the accounting statement of a planned vacation.But now, in July, the holiday season.If I signed it, it would mean that some of your colleagues go on holiday in December.Do you think this is true?
- No, - I said, and blushed with shame, trying not to cry.
- So you do not mind if the month in which you were absent, we will consider vacation at his own expense?- He asked.- I do not mind - I wanted to get out of this trap overbearing.Unpaid vacation ...

I was hoping to get
vacation and somehow hold up wages.I hope not.After my grandmother's funeral remained twenty.I searched all the kitchen drawers, wardrobe and even the grandmother's bedside table.What is hoped to find?A handful of buckwheat?She found wrapped in a handkerchief decoration.Gold ring with blue stones, a thin chain yes earrings.I cried over them and carried into the pawnshop.For all this I was given a total of 120 hryvnia, but I was happy and that.At work, the atmosphere was tense.Whether I was sorry, or did not want to partake of my grief, or just nervous because of the possible transfer of the holiday, but the staff were polite stressed, dry and detached.Only my close friend Galka remained the same as always."The great Christian" Oleg Pavlovich now he offered me a part time, and I realized that if I refused, he would take it as a protest.

I had to agree.
Now at least I slept.Everything else remains the same.Up to five nights - the bank, then to midnight - part.Six months later, I was so tired that I decided: all ask the chief of a small taste of freedom.On Monday, I did not go to work - was in the hospital.It happened in the early morning.I was standing in the bathroom and brush your teeth, suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side.Very dizzy, his legs gave way, barely crawled to the phone and call "fast."Then she opened the door wide and fell on the sofa.Awakened by the smell: the smell in the room so where dying mother.Elderly doctor beckoned me and I followed him.In ordinatorskoj reigned the same terrible smell.The doctor washed his hands, sat at his desk, sat across from me and started to ask about everything in detail.
doctor told me that the remaining six months of life.I even did not tell anyone about cancer.
family?Children?"No, no - I shakes his head.- Nobody here!While I am all alone. "He sighed, got up from the table and sat down next to me.
- Then you have to stay in hospital for a long time - he issued the verdict.I was scared, but then somewhere there was such a desperate resolution that I still made this doctor to tell me the truth.
- You urgently need to be sent to the oncology center, - he said wearily.
- Doctor - I was looking for and found the arguments.- I'll leave and never see you again.

How much do I have to live?

- for half the normal active life you can count on.And then ...
God knows!In a world sometimes occur most incredible miracles.So rang the second and probably last call.If it is not a disease of the discoveries of this period of my life it would be worth writing a book.The long and detailed description of the behavior of the people caught nearby.I firmly decided not to tell anyone at work about the disease and struggled to try to work out as long as possible.Why is that?To earn a living, when I would want there, but no longer able to work.For some reason it reminded Valery.Oh, man, you just washed away!Probably, it would be unbearable: to see him next to him - physically healthy and at the same time the patient's heart.

And this infinitely loved
.On the first day after work, I could not resist and said Galka about their sorrows and problems.
- Galya, I'll tell you something, - I replied.- Only swear that no one said a word.
- Tomb!- Jokingly vowed Galka.And then, remembering the neighbors of my mother's room, I told her that I have to fight hard for every extra day, and the time it will end - I do not know.And that really need the money, so I do not want to know about the work of my illness.In Jackdaws were round with fear eyes, she nodded in accordance.
Head frankly I survived: he somehow visit about my illness and decided to dismiss.And I'm always trying so hard!
already starting to feel sorry for me from the soul:
- What is it, Nastya!I will not say anything to anyone!Well, I ran - I have to go!Ten days later at work began to happen strange things.At first I called Oleg Pavlovich and said:
- Anastasia, I do not like the way you handle the extra load.How does all this mean?
- Sorry!I will be more attentive - I wanted to fall at his feet and begged him not to deprive me of work.
- This is - first and our last conversation about the work.The next time you write a letter of resignation, - he muttered.
Then I overheard a conversation between two employees, left on a smoke break.
- And what is the boss to Nastya suddenly began to cling to?- I asked one.
- I think that our Pavlovich just wants to survive, - suggested another.
- Why?Like the girl working normally, and even pulls home folder every day - the first surprise.

second slightly lowered her voice:
- said she was sick ... Something Cancer.Do not tell anyone!I think the chef does not want problems.Well, how do you then fired her when she keepeth?I leaned against the door, biting her lip.If this turkey Oleg Pavlovich fire me tomorrow, I'll just be gone ... Life has changed the rules, and I are now moving on to another, but this, the rigid schedule as before.Up to five - the bank, after five to seven in the evening - the procedure, then - to get home and back to work.I indulged in everything.Money is spent only on meager food and medicines.So it passed two months.At work, whether used to the idea of ​​my illness, or simply did not believe in it, but the situation has become a little bit warmer.Only the chef was moving inexorably toward its goal.I know he really wants to get rid of me, but I decided that I would stay until the end.
forces melted away, and one day I fainted on the job.In itself it came just five minutes later, a sharp pain burst sideways, but I smiled and tried to laugh it off.
- we "fast" caused, - said the employee of the choir helpful.
- Do not "fast", to me that's all right - I said through force.
And then flew into the office Oleg Pavlovich.
- What's going on?- He shouted nervously.- We have a report on the nose!
- Nastia bad - Daw explained.
- Anastasia Again?- He looked at me, and then pointedly turned and slammed the office door.
But not ceased to operate.The same day, Daw has helped me to endure huge pile of documents home.It Oleg Pavlovich called me half an hour after my fall into a swoon, and good-natured unctuous voice said:
- Tomorrow auditors come, you need to prepare these documents.

I knew I did not have time in the morning handle paper, but some unknown hope is smoldering in the shower and suddenly ... In the morning I went to the bank and heard the door loudly arguing colleagues.
- Let's at least a dozen skins, - I begged all Galka.- Nastya with us for five years worked.Who is to blame, that the chief - an idiot;and it fired.
- I do not believe that she was dying - she objected economist Yuri.- That's going to die,
My staff were very callous people by what I did not expect them.In their troubles I rely only on themselves, and then looking at the wreath!So I learned that and fired at my funeral wreath will surely be one of the pitiful George.
- collect her money stupid!What shall we say?That, they say, Nastya, you're fired, here's poverty ... humiliating!- I heard the voice of a young Julia.And it was found that employees do not wish to humiliate me attention.
I suddenly remembered his grandmother's last words, and opened the door, smiling broadly, he said loudly:
- Guys!I found a new job!Today quit.With me - fields!At lunch we walk!No one is absent, and not to load!
- Well ?!What did I say?- Triumphantly threw colleagues Yuri.- And you ...
- What kind of work?- Rattled girls.- Tell me, Nastenka!
- The work is called - do not hit a lying!- I said honestly.They looked at each other
, but did not specify.At lunch on my "clearing" Oleg Pavlovich looked very long and lamented that the bank takes such a valuable and competent staff ... I'm sitting in the apartment and listen when the pain subside a little bit, I'll try to leave the house.I have a lot of work and a healthy understanding why I am eager to settle these cases and not others.Somewhere I heard: They Shoot Horses ... I do not fight for life - just living.That is selling the apartment and leave this town forever.I found a place where tired out horses do not kill.It is secluded, poor convent in deep forest ...

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