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art of carpet weaving roots in Central Asia: from the wool of sheep nomads wove warm cloth to quickly build housing.The then rugs were the front door or the floor of the tent, protected him from the wind and sand, used for sitting and riding.Carpets gradually became a luxury item and even art.In Persia carpet complicated craft passed down from generation to generation and was considered the most expensive family values.Persian carpets amaze, dazzle the combination of colors and unique patterns.
recently criticized the carpets, but today they are triumphant return to our homes.No laminate, much less linoleum, do not give the home a warm comfort, which gave the carpet.And dust from the carpet removed faster than either sex.And the sound it absorbs well and keeps warm in winter and normalizes moisture.

now on the wall can be seen unless expensive carpets, walk on that blasphemy, so iridescent silk, are so subtle that it is hardly warm the winter evenings.
bright room, shading carpets in cold tones, dusky
"warm" coat of warm colors.Properly selected carpet stylistically unites the interior into a harmonious whole, or, on the contrary, it is a color accent.
wide assortment and reasonable prices allow you to choose the carpet that matches any stylistic direction.For lovers of soft pile wool suit and wool blend products with ornaments and garlands of flowers.These "historically sustained" carpets are good in the interiors of classic or oriental style.
But the interior in modern style good fit carpet that simulates the mat.For now popular in the ethno interior characterized by the presence of Arab, African, Indian and other ethnic elements.The carpet, made in the tradition of a country, will provide housing for a unique highlight, brings him a note of exotic mystery.

Whatever style and what material you choose carpet itself, as long as it does not become a dust bag home.Alas, in dusty carpet infest microscopic organisms like dust mites, fungi and bacteria that are invisible threat to health.This dust and dirt not only harm the appearance of carpets, but with time begins to spread an unpleasant odor.
If the owner of a carpet is not very watches that to keep it in "top form", the air in this room will constantly unpleasant smell.

Good housewives know secret air of freshness and carpet, and therefore try to vacuum carpets daily.This measure is especially necessary where there are pets.And if there are kids in the house, cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner comes in daily "compulsory program".And "skate" on her curly 6 points higher without a powerful and reliable helper is simply impossible.And all of us at the same time we are unanimous in their quest for maximum quiet operation of the vacuum cleaner when it goes on the characteristic noise that he makes during operation.
course, silent vacuum cleaner yet, but the market has already appeared real "demure."For the sake of harmony and improvements were the main components - brush, telescopic tube and the motor itself.Now, during the harvest by such a vacuum cleaner, you can safely watch TV, listen to your favorite music, chat with each other or on the phone.Well, for the most demanding Neat these vacuum cleaners installed hygienic filtration system.

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