On the eve of the visit of high-ranking guests

The restaurant sat at the same table ... You know, I had them to our house inviting?Will we in Poltava - welcome ...
- Who pulled your tongue ?!- In the hearts of her husband attacked.- Against the arrival of guests, I certainly do not mind.But not two days before the paycheck.The house even ball Roll!
Here I am a bit too much Enough: in the refrigerator lying kilogram of "hunting" of sausages, cheese, eggs and butter, but I did not remind her husband about them, but rather angrily remarked - because Krivtsov sure that we wealthy people.I myself told him about it ... You see, when Paradise began to tell them about the two-storey house, a housekeeper, I also could not help ... well, naplela superfluous.Outstanding, you banker, not a guard.And then I had to keep the brand.Like, love abroad for a vacation ... About housekeeper also invented ...

The doorbell rang. stood in the doorway neighbor Lena with a cup in his hands, "Tan, a little sugar to otsyplesh not?" And here I thought this came up!We harness
ed Genoa porters.For half an hour, he dragged us out of the apartment Sosedkina handmade carpet, paintings and antique dishes (all that stuff got Lena inherited from his grandfather).Helen and had to play the role of housekeeper.Our small apartment was transformed, as if by magic, but Lena, critically looking around, was dissatisfied: "Before the new Ukrainians still do not hold out!" And then my Blessed dawned:
- And let's say that a four-room apartment we sold, andhouse is still not finished.Therefore, temporarily remove the apartment.
- bad legend - approved Lena.- And what we submit to the table?
- What can you say about the chicken stuffed with slices of pineapple and mango mushroom sauce?Simple but tasteful, and ?!

Lena's eyes widened , and Gene even coughed in surprise.When found his voice, he asked: "Can you imagine how much it will cost you is your" quite simply "?" And then I laid out his trump ace:
- We first, as it should be on etiquette, will provide wine and salad.And then I tell Lena Serve hot.It will lay out the chicken in the dish and - oh, what an awkward!- If all will drop to the floor.Come to us and tearfully tell about what happened, I scolded her, and then ask to fry sausages.As you are such my little idea?The idea of ​​all the hot and unanimously approved.Krivtsov came as promised, exactly three.Lena got used to the full image.She fluttered in flirty apron and even sat down in front of kniksene honored guests.
- You have a very nice - Rice said, looking around.- Just a bit crowded ... Gene Krivtsov immediately gave the story of a newly built house.
I invited guests to the table.Wine and salad approved, admire the paintings and crockery.
- Helen, serve hot!- I called and explained to visitors what they are now served.
- this minute - immediately replied the neighbor, then, in accordance with the scenario heard her frightened cry and the sound of broken dishes.Lena appeared in the living room a little later than expected scenario.Her face was as white as chalk, and his eyes glistened real tears."What a game!- Mentally I admired.- It is necessary to advise Helen to enroll in a theater. "- Once again ... ... ... In beating-for-all on the floor!- Stuttering, said Lena.She covered her face with her hands and sobbed loudly, ran to the kitchen.

I went after him.

On the floor lay a broken dish, and linoleum writhing in the throes of expiring fat ... "Hunting" sausages.And then I was attacked "hohotunchik."Lena laughed, too.On our very inappropriate fun Raisa ran from the living room.She had to confess everything.After a few minutes the guest is also fun laughing at our misadventures.And while we cleaned the kitchen, the men managed to hit the road in this place and bring two huge pizzas.At this time, the five of us already sat down to dinner, along with the "housekeeper."Tighten, which reigned at the table half an hour ago, is gone.Krivtsov was not no snobs and great guys!

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