The white tablecloth on the table

tablecloth - a key element of the table decoration.Therefore, in the first place, it should be perfectly clean, perfectly ironed and, if desired, - starched, synthetic or mixed.But still it considered the traditional linen or cotton, woven with a convex pattern.

for a dinner party , official receptions, when going to a lot of people decided to lay a snow-white tablecloth monotonous, but to meet with friends is fine tablecloth with a pattern.Embroidered tablecloths and colorful best reserved for small companies - they are indispensable for family teas.
favorite, despite the rapidly changing fashion trends, there is a tablecloth of white cloth, elegant and without frills.And besides - not capricious in care.
Capital sweep.For professional laundry is now produced many effective tools.Therefore, to lose consciousness from fatty stains, landed on the white canvas, is not necessary.With special attention should be treated only to those spots, which settled on the color or fabric tablecloths with embroidery.I
n this case, washing must be gentle.But if you are afraid to spoil the festive ornament - better hand over the cloth to the dry cleaners.

You tried to bring home the spot , but it has not disappeared?In no case do not smooth surface of the cloth, or you him will never get rid of.Wash the canvas again using special stain removers for this type of fabric.
very popular tablecloth with special Teflon-coated, which provides a lower absorbency.But to lay the table is better for her close friends, as it is mainly suitable for everyday use (it is not enough gaiety).Impregnation on a tablecloth - only treatment of the material, and, as a rule, it is washed off after a few washings (and the more carefully you rub, the faster it happens).If the tablecloth is something vytresh spill and immediately spots left.But if you put the laundry on then, get rid of it will not happen.

laundry rules. natural fabrics - cotton and flax - for the preservation of the species and forms required delicate wash.However, the water temperature can be high if the tablecloth monotonous.Fabrics with embroidery washed by hand.Any mixed fabric (polycotton, polyester) and synthetics require low temperatures.When washing in this case, you can not use chlorine-based funds: they destroy the structure of the tissue, which loses its shape, not to mention color.Heavily soiled fabric before washing is best left for a time in an aqueous solution of detergent.And only after that wash.
again like new.Wet processing fabric (laundry) can cause changes in the size of a linen or half-linen fabric (no more than 4-6%).Dry cloth should be in a straightened form without drying.If linen tablecloth yet dried up - a good sprinkle it with water and let soak a bit.Ironing should be well warmed iron with a humidifier.Besides water pulvilizatora can use special sprays that are both easier ironing and starching cloth.
After washing the tablecloth with lace trim or fringe See that when spinning lace and fringe were in the middle, otherwise they can tear.Intending ironed tablecloth with fringe, gently shake it to spread.Fringe can gently comb comb rare.Water from the spray should be hot, not cold.