Methods for the removal of unwanted facial hair

Those who decided to get rid of such unwanted effects immediately, that is, all in one session, it is recommended to try the procedure for hair removal or electrolysis.Of course, these sessions are quite a lot of money, so willing to save their money, I recommend to pay attention to waxing, plucking, and other methods of hair removal.Such methods of removing unwanted hair on the face is not necessarily carried out in the cabin, you are quite capable to carry out their own at home.
Let's look at the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair from problem areas.Of course, the procedure must be repeated regularly, to save the effect, but the result is worth it.
So the fair sex, who want to forget about the problem of excess hair, I suggest photoepilation and electrolysis, as mentioned above.What is the difference between these methods and what is their essence?

Electrolysis. In this procedure, the individual hairs that make up hair, processed by a special needle that penetrates to the root, in

the follicle of the hair follicle and gives him a weak discharge electric current, which destroys the hair follicle and prevents its regrowth in the future.By the way, this procedure lasts long enough, because each hair is treated individually.It is worth considering before you sign up for the procedure.Yet the method of electrolysis is still considered the most effective.
However, at this, at first glance, a good method has its drawbacks.These include considerable cost and morbidity of the procedure.For example, even a seemingly insignificant hair removal procedure on the upper lip takes you ten hours of precious time, and the removal of hair on the chin - the whole fifteen.All certainly individually and it depends on the intensity of body hair.Also the duration and number of treatments depends on the stiffness of electrolysis and speed of hair growth.On average, the cost of this procedure ranges between 20 - 100 euros per hour of.

Next effective hair removal options - the so-called photo-epilation and laser hair removal.It, unlike the first, has a significantly shorter time while the procedure is very reliable.When the procedure of laser hair removal on the hair follicles affected by beams of light that stops the growth of new hair virtually forever.
When laser hair removal of hair on the upper lip, the process only takes a minute, and the hair on the chin can be removed in just five minutes.Thus, we can conclude that for hair removal can be a great time saver, but, unfortunately, not the money.It should be noted that the laser hair removal will cost you about $ 500 for the procedure, and all you need to perform about six sessions.The disadvantage of this method of hair removal is considered to be that when you remove hair that lighter skin, they may reappear in a few months.

For women who can not part with so much money, there is the opportunity to try other procedures that have to be repeated regularly.Among such procedures can be identified depilation wax or sugar (shugaring), plucking the hair, removing hair by means of threads, depilation with chemicals, the use of various inhibitors of hair growth.
But still the most popular among these procedures are considered to be waxing sugar and wax.The fact that it does not require substantial financial investment and is simple to perform.In order to make the procedure of depilation at home, you need to purchase a special set, which is sold in any shop.
If perform depilation wax or sugar regularly, it is possible to achieve appreciable results in combating undesired horsehair formations.The essence of this procedure is that the heated warm (not hot!) Wax is applied to the skin surface and then removed abruptly wax strip.Clean up slowly strip is not recommended, as this is very painful.Thus, the wax strip are all your unwanted hair.If
used instead of wax sugar, this procedure is less painful because such strips do not stick to the skin, unlike wax.Another advantage of the depilation sugar and considered that a part of such means does not include the chemical components present in the wax media.This means that the skin irritation during hair removal sugar occurs much less frequently.
When waxing or sugar skin will remain smooth for about three - six weeks, but can be eradicated only hair, having a length of five millimeters.
plucking procedure is fairly well known to all women, it involves working alone tweezers.It is required to stretch the skin and pull sharply hair tongs.Of course, such actions will take more time, but the skin will stay smooth for up to two months.It is worth noting that the best way to pull your hair at a time when the pores are fully open, that is, after taking a shower.This will make the process less painful hair removal.
Hair Removal by chemical means, one of the cheaper methods.During his often occur on the surface of the skin irritation.Chemical depilation provide smoothness of skin for two weeks, but before execution of such a procedure is necessary to make a test for sensitivity, to avoid allergic reactions.
As regards the application of hair retardants, they used before the advent of lush hair.They influence the hair found in the bud.Inhibitors of growth just simplify future depilation due to the fact that doing scalp thinner and lighter.It is best to combine with such agents depilation using wax or sugar, as well as in the procedure of plucking.
As an outcome like to say that in any case it is not necessary to use a shave.This method violates the structure of hair, splitting it.It only accelerates the growth of hair and makes them more rigid.