Good family tradition

Where, for example, celebrate the New Year?Someone will suffer, think of something good family tradition, and someone knows the answer to the question that we always spend the night, to console or big companies send to friends on a summer residence.Moreover, all painted in advance: we bring Olivier and fruit, Ivanov - homemade wine and a cake, and Dima is preparing a leg of lamb.
traditions can "build" our lives are literally brick by brick: definitely eat breakfast porridge, festive table unthinkable without pie, we remove the apartment on Saturday and spend a vacation on the sea ... And why exactly we do not think.However, the answer is unlikely to find - just initially formed ...

custom or dogma?
There is another feature of good family traditions, although at first glance it may seem incidental: they determine the viability of "organism" that supports them.
It is here and goes "watershed" between the living and the dead custom.This means blind adherence to routine once someone order.Usually, they
settle for those who are too lazy or too busy to take the initiative to come up with something of their own, because for any innovation will have to be held accountable.
Living Traditions, on the contrary, make life more fun, awaken imagination and strengthen the relationships between people.

with its charter ...
Every family has its own customs.They all relate to: how to equip the house, assign responsibilities, to educate children, to cook for the holiday table, where the rest ... And we think differently, and simply can not be.We are used to it - and all.
This is especially true at the beginning of family life when the young couple just adapt to one another.In "his" family they come from a parent, which were instituted certain order.And her husband is difficult to understand the requirements of his wife why he has to follow different rules, and not to those which used to.If time does not agree, do not adjust, do not compromise, resentment and disappointment is inevitable.If your family has not yet overgrown customs, do not "drag" them all together from his father's house.Try to develop their own, taking into account the interests of her husband.

easiest, good family tradition "attached" to the holidays and weekends, because these days suggest that the family is together and in high spirits (one word - rest).Choose one of the holidays that you would like to transform - for example, a wedding anniversary.Treaty with friends, you'll be doing all these days, "national", one throwing a party in the English style, the other - in German, the third - in Japanese.Pick the music, costumes, decorate the house, prepare suitable meals, have a "people's" game.In the family circle
Get a daily tradition.Think up some original way to greet and say goodbye to her husband.
well suited for baby bedtime ritual: children love to whisper to her mother, listen to a story or a simple lullaby.
Sabbath can become a family tradition, "the publication of" excursions, cinema, theater, bowling ... An indispensable condition: a clear and repeatable ... the element of surprise.And again, it should please everyone!
At the May holidays you can go into the forest - fire, barbecues, outdoor games.Romance and adventure - what could be better!

Memorable moments
Family Album.Unfortunately, most of us know very little about their relatives within the third degree.Collect pictures of their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers, provide them with at least brief information - let your children and then grandchildren remember their ancestry.
modern progress.Scan old yellowed photos and arrange them into a web album.Be sure to entrust the process of children - they will be engaged in business with passion, at the same time feel part of a big family.

Letters from the past
If you keep the romantic correspondence grandparents, moms and dads, do not rush to throw these messages.Put them in a transparent file folders that time did not hurt the paper to put down the date.Believe me: your "computerized" descendants will be interesting to get acquainted with the epistolary genre of their ancestors - this is not a fictional work of unknown literary classic, but a real novel.

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