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Rose water at home

Very few flowers on the richness, flavor, unusual color palette, the duration and the abundance of flowering can be compared with a rose.Currently, there are thousands of different varieties of roses.The rose petals contain high amounts of vitamin C, and even then, a thousand years ago, people began to use them for food, cooked jam, cooking wine, produced cosmetics and medicines.Rose petals have sedative, tonic, antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

As anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, used rose water, which is at home preparing three tablespoons of fresh petals, filled with two cups of boiling water, then water, insist in a sealed pot no less than twelve hours.Receiving means three times a day, thirty minutes before eating 150-200 milliliters.

similar healing water in a home and preparing by boiling.To do this, you must take a fresh rose petals, put in a container, over low heat bring to a boil.Cook until the moment when the petals become colorless, drain and cool.Cooking rose water i

s not large portions, during prolonged storage lost its healing properties.This decoction can also be used for washing, especially in hot weather.

Due to its properties, healing water pink perfect for the care of the problem, oily skin.To prepare a more effective means need a handful of finely chopped sprigs forest hazel.It is necessary to pour boiling water and cook for thirty minutes on a steam bath.Cool, drain and mix with cooked rose water is one part of hazel and three parts of rose water.And to care for normal skin enough rose water to drip a few drops of lemon juice or orange.

Pink miracle water can also be a means for the treatment and prophylaxis against conjunctivitis, various inflammations and eye fatigue.Suffice it to drip a few drops or simply make a compress on the eyes, and immediately feel relief.

compresses with rose water can provide you with first aid for severe headache: a cold compress with rose water is applied to the forehead and just fifteen minutes the pain will pass.

Modern herbalists often recommend a means of roses for the treatment of the respiratory system: cough, sore throat, asthma, and especially disease of allergic origin, as a gargle, drops, compresses and even oral administration.And for colds in order to quickly bring down the heat, it is recommended to wipe the whole body extract of rose water.If you have a sore throat, sore teeth and inflamed gums, it is necessary to rinse the mouth with infusion of rose water, and almost immediately the pain subsides.

This water, thanks to its qualities, during the holidays will absolute guarantee flawless tan.

Along with rose water in cosmetology and medicine, and in a number of treatments, widely used rose essential oil.In addition to the miraculous properties of this agent has also a unique flavor, which in itself is healing and is used to relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, weakness.

highly recommended breathe fumes rose essential oil to people with increased irritability, prone to neurosis and depression, angina.And to enhance the effects of inhalation of flavor can be made with the addition of rose oil.

superb health-improving properties have a bath of rose petals: tones, relieves fatigue, anxiety, supports heart muscle tone, cleanse the skin.Preparing it simply and quickly: 0, 5 cups of rose petals pour boiling water, and pour into a bath with petals.To enhance the healing effect of the water can add a little beet juice.

But that's not all.Ever since the days of ancient Rome people brewed from rose petals fragrant tea, brewed preserves and jams, make candy and sherbet, prepare compote, made wine and even used for confectionery fillings.And it is also useful because it is made from rose petals healing.

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