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The healing properties of patchouli oil

Some of the history of patchouli.

reading the list of ingredients aromatic compositions, many do not realize that their constituent Patchouli is grassy shrub.It reaches 1 m in height and grows in what is now Malaysia.

Eastern medicine has long been know and use patchouli as a great stimulant and antiseptic with strong performances.Indian medicine to the present day use in the composition of the extract patchouli medicines that treat snake bites, as well as an anti-moth during transportation of expensive fabrics.Healers Arabia patchouli oil used as an antipyretic for fever.Distance habitat of this plant contributed to the fact that in Europe about patchouli became known only in the 19th century, when merchants brought oriental fabrics, exuding the delicious aroma.At the smell of patchouli characteristic notes of earthy colors with an element of moisture, it repels insects.

Perfumes widespread and development in Europe of the 19th century, and perfumers began to use an extract from the leaves of the

patchouli aromatic compositions.At one time, the aroma of patchouli in Europe was so popular that there was even a legend about its miraculous properties.Noble ladies believed that Patchouli has the ability to attract the attention of men, and therefore used with patchouli scented water as perfume for your body, clothes and boudoirs.

Medicinal properties and application of patchouli.

Nowadays patchouli gives the plume of warm and sharpness of chypre fragrances, and successfully applied in men and in women's perfumes.They give the perfume compositions exquisite oriental notes.Patchouli is easy to hear in such famous perfumes as «Chanel №5», «Shalimar» from Guerlain and «Miss Dior Cherie».

Alternative Medicine today uses the patchouli in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, athlete's foot.Minor cuts and injuries of the skin heal faster if the cream enriched with oil of patchouli and lubricate them damaged area.

Cosmetology patchouli uses for natural skin tightening effect.The skin becomes smooth and elastic, and the refreshing effect of oil helps to open the pores of the skin, which becomes soft and velvety.

Another property of patchouli oil - the ability to reduce appetite and rid the body of excess water and waste products, which is necessary for weight loss.That is why it is a part of various creams and pills for weight loss.Patchouli extract improves metabolism and skin respiration.Creams with patchouli oil - an excellent tool to combat cellulite.

Patchouli oil is good to use in oil burner, especially for a romantic rendezvous.This fragrance helps to "tune in" and perfectly stimulates sexual activity in both sexes.These properties of oil successfully use aromatherapy for the correction of functional disorders of the sexual sphere, and therapists know that patchouli oil gives a good effect in the doldrums, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthenia.

well apply patchouli and home care, for example, if you need to decontaminate the room, you need to add a few drops of oil into the water for wet cleaning.The constant use of this tool will contribute to a good mood, and the mole will disappear from your cabinets.Bath with patchouli oil - the perfect remedy for fatigue.For its preparation is necessary to add 5-6 drops of oil in warm water.


Despite all the miraculous properties of patchouli, there are contraindications: substance contained in patchouli - the strongest stimulator of muscle activity, so it can not be used in case of serious gastrointestinal diseases (gastrointestinal tract) and pregnancy.