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Folk remedies for indigestion

Folk remedies to get rid of the disease.

Rice congee.

as a therapeutic agent from gastrointestinal disorders to treat children well suited congee.Preparation: Stir the water and rice in a ratio of 6: 1, and simmer.When the rice is ready, you need to drain the broth.Take it should be in the form of heat every two hours for 1/3 cup.Continue treatment for 2-3 days.

potassium permanganate.

beneficial effect on the stomach has a potassium permanganate.It should be diluted with boiled water potassium permanganate solution until a pale pink color.Adults should be taken twice a day over a glass.Babies at 0, 5 cups as twice daily, preferably morning and night.Possible to use this solution as enemas.In order to normalize the intestine, two applications will be sufficient such enemas.

St. John's wort and blueberries.

beneficial effect on the stomach has a blueberry tea and a decoction of St. John's wort.In the finished decoction of St. John's wort to add some chamomile or calendula.


from poor digestion of food will help you juice of fresh cabbage.It is taken after meals 0, 5 cups three times per day.

Brussels sprouts.

In diseases of the pancreas will help juice Brussels sprouts.He was taken before a meal for half a cup three times a day.


firming, antiseptic and cleansing properties of the walls has a tincture of walnut on alcohol or vodka.It can be used for infusions young walnuts.They insist on vodka.The infusion must be drip 5-10 drops in a pile of warm water and take three times a day.


for excretion of cholesterol and prevent the development of putrefactive processes in the gut need to be included in the diet of fresh cucumbers.


In chronic gastritis, ulcers use propolis.Fasting is necessary to chew on 8 g of propolis.The treatment lasts one month.It is better not to stop, even if you are having an allergic reaction.

inner peel chicken gizzards.

For one, you will need to receive half of the stomach.It is best to use it in a dried and powdered form.It must be brewed with boiling water and infuse 30 minutes.Taken twice daily.

Lime Blossom.

1 tbsp.l.lime-colored pour 1 cup of hot water and infuse for 10 minutes.Take this decoction should be in the form of heat.

Willow bark and chamomile.

How to prepare a decoction: 1 chamomile and 1 tbsp.l.collect willow bark pour 2 cups boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes.Take a decoction of honey must be twice a day.

Oak bark.

5 Art.l.oak bark pour 1 liter of boiling water.Insist 4:00.Take the finished broth throughout the day.


heartburn, gastritis, dispersion gas in the stomach and bad digestion will help the potatoes.A glass of juice of fresh potatoes to drink before breakfast and 30 minutes to lie down on the bed.In an hour you can have breakfast.Treatment is carried out in such a way the three courses.The course lasts 10 days, then a break of 10 days, and the treatment is repeated.


For this recipe you will need nettle branches.3 branches of nettle to pour 1 cup boiling water.Infuse for 20 minutes, and the water should turn green.To cure the illness, it will be enough 2 cups.

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