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Bronchiectasis: Treatment of folk medicine


  • weakness, profuse sweating, malaise, and sometimes increased body temperature;
  • presence of cough (especially in the morning) with a lot of mucous expectoration purulent sputum, which may cause the blood veins.

diagnosis of the disease must be established physician, based on the laboratory, tool and special studies.If there is no worsening of disease as well as in the recovery phase of treatment, prevention and treatment of chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes is allowed to spend at home with the use of folk remedies.

Often exacerbation occurs in spring and autumn, when the weather gets cold and damp.This is accompanied by increased cough with sputum discharge increases, performance decreases, there is a weakness.

disease treatment in folk medicine.

  • propolis and butter.

should be crushed into powder propolis - 150 g, 1 kg and then melt the butter.When the oil has cooled to 80 ° C, add the powder and maintaining the temperature for 20 minutes, mix thoroughly.Then you n

eed to filter the mixture through a strainer or cheesecloth.Store in a cool and dark place.The course of treatment - two months.It should be taken three times a day, two teaspoons, one hour before a meal.

  • onion and garlic.

is useful to inhalation using onion juice and garlic.To do this, you must take fresh juice of onion and garlic, then mix in the ratio 1: 1. Prepare a solution for inhalation - 1chaynaya tablespoon juice per 100 ml of water.

  • herbal inhalation.

should be mixed with 1 ml of tincture of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Aralia, echinacea or golden root vegetable with 1 ml (eucalyptus, olive) oil.Inhalations for five minutes.The course of treatment is 15-20 inhalations.

  • Herbal.

recommended inhalation using the filtered herbal.It is necessary to prepare an infusion of gathering herbs: thyme herb (part 1), chamomile flowers (1 part), calendula flowers (2 parts), herb rosemary (1 part), herb hyssop (3 parts), myrtle branches (3 parts), leavesmint (3 parts), St. John's wort (3 parts), root Saponaria (2 parts).Pour two tablespoons of the collection cup boiling water, then soak for two minutes on low heat.As follows, strain the broth and take a warm inhalation.Performed twice a day for five minutes.To pass the course of treatment must be made 15 inhalations.

  • honey, lemon, onions and herbs.

This method is used to reduce the sputum, as well as to enhance the body's resistance.Preparation: scroll in a meat grinder 250 g onion and squeeze juice.Then you need to take 200 grams of liquid honey and mix with onion juice, put on a steam bath for 15 minutes.Once the mixture has cooled, add the pre-cooked broth of herbs and freshly squeezed juice of two lemons.Decoction of herbs: in equal proportions to be mixed lavender, chamomile flowers, St. John's wort, eucalyptus and sage leaves.Pour one cup of boiling water two tablespoons of collection and keep on low heat for five minutes.Strain, and our broth is ready.It should be all thoroughly.Store mixture in a refrigerator.Method of application: three times a day, one tablespoon before meals.Continue treatment for 3-4 weeks is necessary.

  • oats, walnuts and nettle.

following treatment of non-traditional medicine is recommended to reduce sweating when bronchiectasis.Take 5 walnuts with shell and grind to a powder.Add 2 tablespoons of crushed oats and 3 tablespoons of the roots of nettles.All this should fill in 1, 5 liters of hot water and keep for 15 minutes on the fire.Not allowing broth to cool, add 5 tablespoons of the following fees: Icelandic lichens (moss), pine buds, leaves Fumaria officinalis, mulberry and meadowsweet.Hold for 10-15 minutes on the fire.Then you need to drain and cool.In the treatment should be taken in the morning on the third cup and half cup before bedtime.The treatment lasts one month.

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