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Treatment of chronic pancreatitis traditional methods

treatment of pancreatitis.

the first (initial) stage must be treated conservatively, based on - a diet that contains a lot of protein.We'll have to completely give up alcohol, need replacement therapy to normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract, if necessary, will have to resort to the treatment of exacerbations of the disease.

In acute diseases you will need to fast for 2 to 3 days, to introduce electrolytes and glucose, aspirate the contents of the stomach.At 3-4 day desirable low fat diet, completely eliminate table salt.Eat about 4-6 times a day in small portions.

When remission is necessary to observe the protein-carbohydrate diet: to abandon any fish, meat, which contains high amounts of fat, smoked products and alcoholic beverages.Prophylactic treatment is carried out every 3 months, about 3 weeks.

treatment of the disease folk remedies (herbal medicine).

treat pancreatitis recommended and popular methods.The treatment methods of alternative medicine can be applied to patient

s in the phase when the worsening of the disease fades and patients with early chronic pancreatitis.

Celandine (part 1), the fruit of anise (1 part), corn stigmas (1 part), dandelion root (1 part), herb Polygonum (1 part), herb St. John's wort (1 part), herb violet (1 part).Decoction brew and take in the form of heat, 20-30 minutes before meals, three times a day for one glass.

Seeds of dill (3 pieces), mint leaves (3 parts), hawthorn (2 parts), sandy immortelle flowers (2 parts), pharmacy chamomile flowers (1 part).All make and receive an infusion of half a glass, an hour after eating three times a day.

Fruits of anise (1 part), corn stigmas (1 part), dandelion root (1 part), herb Polygonum bird (1 part), herb Hypericum perforatum (1 part), herb tricolor violet (1 part).Preparation: Pour a glass of 5 grams of a mixture of hot water and leave in the water bath for half an hour, after half an hour insist, then squeeze.For the treatment of pancreatitis infusion take three times a day, a glass before a meal.

Fruits of caraway (3 parts), nettle leaves (3 parts), the roots of marsh calamus (1 part), valerian roots (part 1), yarrow (part 1).Infusion method is the same as in the previous recipe.The prepared infusion is recommended to take three times a day, an hour after the meal, half a glass.

peppermint leaves (2 parts), nettle nettle leaves (2 parts), buckthorn bark olhovidnoy (3 parts), calamus swamp roots (part 1), the roots of valerian drug (part 1).A method for preparing drug infusion is the same as in the previous two recipes.The infusion is recommended to take constipation, twice a day - morning and evening, before meals, for 50 ml.The treatment lasts one week.

olhovidnoy buckthorn bark (2 parts), leaf trefoil Watch (1 part), peppermint leaves (1 part), dandelion root of the drug (1 part).A method of making and using exactly the same as the previous acquisition.

leaves dioica nettle (3 parts), buckthorn bark olhovidnoy (3 parts), peppermint leaves (2 parts), rhizome calamus swamp (1 part), valerian root drug (part 1).It recommended for use as a means for the normalization of gastric bowel function.Infusion method is the same as that of the previous charges.Take 100 ml in the morning and evening.

For the prevention of disease, in order to avoid further treatment, it is recommended to stick to the diet, diet, and reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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