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Traditional methods for treating epilepsy

attack usually precede the headache, malaise, irritability, the patient has a bad mood.According featured epileptics feel closer fit.Himself seizure characterized by a strong tonic (contractile) seizures.With her hands and feet brings occurs lockjaw, bowing his head back and torso, the suspension of breathing, changing the face of the patient.Next epileptic loses consciousness, there is a sharp fall.Often at the same time the patient hits.There is a small seizure, in which there are only 2-3 twitching and convulsions.Because of the short duration of the seizure consciousness is quickly restored and the patient does not fall.

traditional treatments of the disease.


a means of stimulating the activity of the brain and spinal cord, especially when exhaustion and disorders manifested in weakness, insomnia, irritability, headaches, dizziness, is honey (especially dark shades).Honey, with its regular consumption, itself contributes to the treatment of painful symptoms.If honey is used in conjun

ction with other traditional medicines for the treatment of symptoms of epilepsy, it helps to speed up the healing process.Med taken three times a day, before meals, tablespoon.It is desirable to use it in combination with warm milk, a variety of liqueurs, tea and herbal teas.

Baikal Stachys.

as a tincture or a decoction is used Stachys Baikal.It has a calming effect when syncope, manifestations of epilepsy, hysteria and neurasthenia.

Broth: grass (1st. L.) Pour boiling water (1 cup).Liquid insist 2 hours and drink before meals for 2-3 items.l.four times a day.

Tincture: 40% alcohol to 30% of preparing tincture.Tincture taken before eating 30-35 drops to a tablespoon diluted with boiled water.Admission tincture - three times a day.

crowberry (shiksha black).

Shiksha black is used as a sedative and anticonvulsant drug for a condition called spasmodic, as well as disorders of the nervous system and epilepsy.The fruits of this plant shoots and mixed in a ratio of one to one.This mixture (1 tbsp. L.) To pour boiled water, and she insisted in a few hours (2-3).Drunk before meals in the form of heat for half a cup three times a day.Depending on the flavor, the broth can be used with honey.

Azure cyanosis.

for the treatment of epilepsy and nerve excitation and manifestations of insomnia using infusion cyanosis azure.Cyanosis (1st. L.) Pour a glass of boiling water and insist 3:00.Drink before meals four times a day for 1-2 items.l.

Ruta fragrant.

In hysteria, cramps, dizziness and epilepsy use a decoction or infusion of rue fragrant.The broth is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water and infuse 8 hours.Drink a decoction 4 times a day before meals in the form of heat 3 tbsp.l.The infusion is prepared at 40 degrees alcohol (vodka may be).At the same time preparing the infusion of 10%.Drink three times a day for 15-20 drops dissolved in a tablespoon of boiled water.


At spasms of nervous origin, as well as disorders of the nervous system used infusion of herbs smock.Fresh herbs are ground.1 tbsp.l.pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for 2 hours.Infusion drink before the meal, a quarter cup three times a day.


as a sedative and anti-headache and atherosclerosis in the brain used infusion of gathering herbs.Collection consists of 15 g herb Leonurus 10 g of grass Knotweed, 15 g of leaves and twigs of mistletoe white and 10 g horsetail shoots.The above collection (2 tbsp. L.) Pour boiling water (500 mL) three hours insists then filtered.It accepts up to half a cup of food three times a day.

mugwort (Artemisia).

To soothe nervous seizures, convulsions, with manifestations of insomnia and epilepsy used tincture of mugwort.Grass (3 tbsp. L.) Pour boiling water (2 cups) and three hours of pushing.Drink three times a day before meals for half a glass.You can take a tincture of honey.

White mistletoe.

for headaches, nervous disorders, epilepsy and dizziness as a therapeutic agent used a decoction of the fruit and branches of mistletoe.Branches and fruits (3 h. L.) Pour a glass of hot water and 8 hours insists.Drink a decoction three times a day for 2 tablespoons.l.before a meal.

Peony (Marin root).

When paralysis, anxiety and symptoms of epilepsy used an infusion of the root Marina.Grass (1 tbsp. L.) Pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for two hours.Drunk tincture four times a day, 2-3 tbsp.l.before a meal.

Lemongrass (Melissa).

With frequent seizures, fainting, epilepsy and exhaustion take a decoction or infusion of lemon balm.Methods of treatment: decoction and infusion.

Broth: grass (3 tbsp. L.) Pour boiling water (500 ml) for 2 hours insists.Take four times a day before meals for half a glass.

Tincture: 50% for alcohol (also used vodka) is preparing tincture of 25%.Infusion drink before meals for 20-25 drops, which are dissolved in a tablespoon of boiled water.

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