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Treatment of herniated traditional methods

hernia traditional medicines.


infusion of cinquefoil is recommended to rub in the back after a session of massage therapy, as well as taken orally three times a day for 1 st.l.A good massage to make rubbing oil hypericum, comfrey or birch leaves, periodically changing these funds.

  • oil of St. John's wort.

mammal oil prepared according to this recipe: take St. John's wort Freshly fill it ½ half-liter jars and add oil to the top.Place the jar for 14 days in a dark place for infusion.Then strain the oil.It should be red hue.

  • oil from the roots of comfrey.

Oil from the comfrey root can be prepared as follows: Take the roots of comfrey (50 g), add the sunflower oil (500 ml) and place in a closed container and leave to infuse for 10 days.Then add the castor oil (50 ml) chopped rose hips (third cup) and fir oil (1 teaspoon).

  • oil of birch leaves.

To prepare the oil from the leaves of birch are the following recipe.In the summer, in June, collect birch leaves, which should be

filled with three-liter jar.They must first bit dry for 2-3 hours and add refined corn oil (1 liter).Then, close the jar and put a week in direct sunlight.After that, the bank moved and stored 2 weeks in a dark place, while not forgetting to shake it every day.Before use, the oil was filtered through a layer of gauze.


Another tool of folk medicine used in the treatment of herniated discs - garlic.Before you begin this treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor to check the condition of your cardiovascular system.Method of preparation means: take 300 grams garlic, chop it in a meat grinder and add 150 ml of vodka or 40% alcohol.Leave the mixture to infuse for 10 days in a dark place.

used garlic to treat packs that do this: take the garlic mush and put on the spine which needs treatment.Close the top of the dense matter and Wrap foil.Compress hold for one hour, then remove it and wipe the skin with a towel.Wet with water, it is not necessary.Such compresses applied every other day, alternating them with turpentine baths.

Turpentine baths.

need for turpentine baths turpentine mixture.It is prepared as follows: 10 g rub baby soap, add 1 cup of hot water, then - 100 g of 1% salicylic alcohol and turpentine (one glass).Mix thoroughly.To prepare a bath need three tablespoons of the mixture.The water temperature should be 37C, and the duration of the bath is gradually increased from 10 to at most 25 minutes.

Fir oil and honey.

This tool is used like this: rub the area with pine oil vertebrae affected by herniated discs.Then apply to this place honey mixed with mummy.To do this, take 1 g of the mummy, dissolve one teaspoon of water and mixed with 100 grams of honey.Back massage make clapping movements, with pain can occur, but they must be endured.After the massage, rub the sore spot salve "Finalgon" and warm wrap back.Such treatment methods of alternative medicine to pursue a course duration of 1 month.

Horse fat.

to treat patients with traditional methods used to compress it, which helps to reduce pain and improve the well-being of the patient.Packs do so: take a strip of polyethylene, apply not her horse fat in a thin chip, in a single layer, then cover with a strip of cloth and place on the spine.Top compress should be fixed by using adhesive tape and leave for a day.Already after a couple of hours, maybe more, should improve health, and pain - reduced.


Another herbal remedy that you can use in home care - comfrey.Preparation: Take a fresh comfrey root, chop it with a meat grinder and mix with honey 1: 1. The resulting mixture is recommended to be taken orally on an empty stomach to 1 h. Liter.Duration of reception - 10 days.Then you need to make a 10-day break, after which the course can be repeated.A total of 3 treatment need this tool.

Well simultaneously apply comfrey root externally in the form of compresses.For this dry comfrey root (50 g) was necessary first to soak in the water, leaving a day.Then soaked root pour 700 ml of vodka or 40% alcohol.The mixture is left for infusion for two weeks.The duration of treatment means of comfrey (both for internal and for external use) is 10 days.It is necessary to carry out three of the course.

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