How to cook asparagus?

Delicate cooking vegetables

So the correct cooking vegetables is based on the correct cleaning and cooking shoots.Before you cook the asparagus, it must be thoroughly cleaned, and this process is dependent on what grade you choose - white or green.The white variety is accepted only under clean the top tips and green - since the middle of the rod.

Cleaning asparagus

allowed cleaned asparagus cascade using a standard knife or tool for cleaning vegetables.If we apply the first method, then you can remove the coarse layers, without damaging the inside of the shaft.Thus it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to break the fragile sprout in the hands.

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Boiling asparagus

Varenna asparagus - a delicate and meticulous process.To prepare the green asparagus, there are several methods: vertical beams and in bulk.Using the first method is necessary to prepare a narrow high to pan and lower stems, tied with thread.Note that the tops reach readiness faster than stems.For this reason, the beam asparagus di

pped in water so that the tops are above water.Thus, a delicate cooking - stalks cooked in boiling water, and the tips - under the influence of steam.

Regardless of cooking method, an important condition is one - salted boiled water.Even if you cook frozen asparagus, add 2 h. Liter.salt and bring the liquid to boiling.Only then put the vegetables in the pot.It is possible to add 1 hour. L.honey or lemon wedge, so the taste of the vegetable will become more intense.

Cooking asparagus

Note that fresh green asparagus can be cooked in a special sieve.To do this, put a bundle of asparagus on the bottom of the screen, after which it is immersed in the pot of boiling water.The duration of cooking ranges from the thickness and type of vegetable sprouts.If you are preparing a white variety, it will take 8-10 minutes, if the green - 3-4 minutes.

In addition, prior to cooking vegetables need to prepare ice.It is used for instant termination thermal process which lasts for a few minutes in the stems after removing from the pan.After dipping them in ice, stems become crispy and gain saturation.


cooked vegetables take out the ice, give the excess water to drain and dried on a paper napkin.Then you can lay out on a plate and serve with sauce.

drying asparagus

Variations sauces Asparagus

Typically, asparagus served with Dutch sauce, which consists of the egg yolks, lemon juice and butter.However, to emphasize a subtle taste of vegetables can be a number of other despicable.Regardless of whether you are prepared for the classic dish of asparagus in Korean, you can use these bases for the sauce:

  • with natural mustard mayonnaise and lemon juice;
  • ghee with egg yolk and parsley;
  • sour cream with chopped herbs and garlic;
  • oil with cashew nuts and cedar;
  • soft cheese type Camembert;
  • oil grinded Parmesan cheese;
  • for making soy sauce pesto asparagus fit.

Undoubtedly, cooking - not the only way of processing asparagus.You can also roast vegetables, marinated, added to pasta, soups, used as a filling for baking or casserole.However, the true taste of asparagus can be felt when cooking shoots, enjoying the delicate flavor and a pleasant sweetness.

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