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Decorate apartment with beautiful paintings

maximum neutrality : not to spoil the appetite of even the purists.Ideally - a still life or natural landscape in cheerful colors.In the office, on the contrary, the idyllic images will be put to sleep.There are more appropriate to the energetic and dynamic subjects - such as urban landscapes, or black-and-white photos.Bedroom - a place of solitude, the image of the people here are undesirable.You can arrange the room abstractions, but relaxed mood.

The bedroom single person better to place a cheerful story: it has a therapeutic effect.The fact that children's fit funny little animals or fantastic characters, and so it is understandable, but it is better to decorate the apartment with beautiful paintings.But in fact, the main artist here - the child.It is necessary to take into account the layout of the room: in the south is better to put the picture in the white cold tones, while those facing north - on the contrary, in the solar spectrum.And the size of the room: small look better watercolors and

prints - they are more intimate than oil.

good hang!
time to announce the basic precepts beginner gallerist.Classical "museum" is considered to be the height of 152 centimeters from the floor to the lower edge of the frame.But it is not a dogma.For example, in the dining room, where everyone sits, you can decorate the apartment with beautiful paintings and hang the picture below.If the ceilings in the house are high, and the pictures are small, you can place them in groups.If the room has a fireplace, over him asking something picturesque.The same style and size of the picture you can hang in a row at the same distance.For different - to create asymmetric group.Pictures should be well lighted.But it is impossible, for them to direct sunlight: this they quickly deteriorate.This particularly applies to the paper.On the other hand, you must make sure that nothing is blocking an image and does not interfere with inspection: no sprawling plant or open frame or furniture parts.The desire to decorate the apartment pictures - it's good.But the main thing that you have not left a sense of proportion and you are not satisfied at home Louvre.

The high and the details
The brighter primary colors of the picture, the more likely it will bother the eye.Watercolors, pastels, and different graphics are best placed in the mat.Painting usually hang with some slope (otherwise shines), but the angle must be small.Frame for pictures of the dark should not be very bright.

way.Do not leave a trace.When heavy furniture is a long time on the carpet, it still trampled place.Destroy traces of furniture you can, putting on a "dent" pieces of ice and letting it melt.After the water will suck, and the carpet is dry, propylesos it.Bag and carbine.Lemon or lime?Citrus.Small mandarin tree in the bedroom - in your apartment Summer has arrived!The lightest tulle.Instead of curtains made of shells - a great idea to create an invisible boundary between the kitchen and living room.Air cloth looks very feminine.Great!Solid parquet, discreet wicker furniture ... "dilute" the palette of two colors: green and yellow.

Hallway ...
welcomes guests cheerful shades - bright light green and yellow.On a note.Yellow is often associated with warmth and comfort, so do not neglect it in the interior of his apartment.Lemon hues are perfectly combined with cold colors.All shades of green - the color of life.And green as ever relevant in the spring and summer, when nature awakes from hibernation.

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