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Hints of what the girl likes a guy

In fact, all these issues have long been studied by leading psychologists in the world.There is even a description of hints that she liked the guy, and vice versa.Of course, they can not apply absolutely to all, but they still are common features for the residents of any country.

first, the most eloquent hints of sympathy that she can tell the girl, lie in looking guy.Eyes always reflect the status and human desire - just need to be able to read them like an open book.

Let's say you go to a taxi.And then at some of the stops, he comes.You - one of those girls that can immediately enjoy the guy, but you can not be sure that they are interested, and this young man too.If you want to see this - watch him surreptitiously.Kohl girl he likes, he will often try to keep an eye on you.First, the views will wear a timid and indecisive character, because it is improper - staring at her, not knowing her.But if sympathy is great, the views will become harder and harder.Most likely, it will simply try to engage you

in a dialogue eyes, try to understand by your response - whether he is nice to you?Therefore, if you notice that the guy often throws at you interested gaze - you can safely take a step to meet him.

Besides looks, there are other hints, which you can determine whether you like the girl the guy.For example, he unconsciously tries to be as close as possible to the one that he is cute.That is, if the situation further apart and with a taxi, the man will try to move as close as possible to you.If near you have space - it can sit down, but if he is shy, you better choose a place opposite: hence better position to monitor and increase chances of remaining undetected.

also men like tactile contact, so there is nothing surprising if he tries to touch you.For example, it will take the rail next to your hand as if by accident, and touch your toes.By the way, if you are fast otdernet them from touching - you surrender yourself and your sympathy with his head.

you can also understand that a man like you in his gestures.Guys like girls, however, at the sight of who they like, begin to recover and to check whether all wrong in their way?A man can pull up pants, correct coat, shaking his head, trying to put into place unruly hair.If he looked down and saw that his boots smeared with mud and covered with dust, he will try to become, so that you in no way have not seen his feet and footwear.

course, not always in such cases, it is possible to hear a man, but if you happen to hear him, for example, on the phone, even his voice may indicate that some of those present he likes.You can easily understand that if during a conversation he still furtively watching you.

Of course, you never hear the voice of this guy in real life, but did not notice the conversation in a raised voice you just can not.But it is precisely this, especially if the guy is talking to a man.Then his voice really turns into a roar of male menacing, loud, strong-willed.Know therefore, albeit unconsciously, the man is trying to attract your attention to the person.Yet even in these notes of snarling will slip velvety soft motive, especially in those moments when he would look at you.

If a guy is brave, he may even have an active call to give you to understand that you do it, they say, "hooked."For example, if he was talking with a friend, he can simply say, "Yes, I'm going with a girl!I have never seen such gorgeous eyes, she is so charming! ".This daredevil has categorically streamed to you straight and gaze.Perhaps this behavior will make you blush for a moment, but still you will feel satisfied with a certain amount of pride.And in a conversation with his mother a man can go to the very bold step and say, "Mom, today I come home with my future wife."He then immediately proceed to meet you.

Although called such situations really difficult hints.This is, one might say, pushing for action.And not all girls like that kind of directness.Oh, it would be much more romantic if the guy got acquainted with you via mobile phone, for example.Here you sit, lost in thought, and falls in your lap phone text message: "You are beautiful!".Heart zastuchit necessarily faster, and cheeks covered with crimson blush.And because you no longer avoid contact with this guy - in fact, at a minimum, you will have to return his phone - and this is a small step towards each other.

Another romantic allusion to the fact that you liked the young man - a pattern on the glass ... Here it is hot breath clouded piece of glass and gave him his phone number with a brief request: "Call!" ... And how not to succumb to this cryhow to miss this nice man?

Of course, you can get acquainted not only in the car - but in other cases, "drawing" hasty approach and leaf torn from a notebook or something else.Anyone who is interested in getting acquainted, will always find a special way to attract attention and gain the sympathy of the one that he liked.And God forbid we at least once in a lifetime encounter with just such an unusual romantic! ..