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What if I have offended you at work?

With colleagues

If you are trying to offend, humiliate or just pin up, the most important thing - do not be afraid to fight back.You should have no fear of what will happen the conflict, the main thing - not to lose time, otherwise you may lose the respect and self-esteem and just become a "puppet whipping."There are many techniques that can be applied in different situations.

theater of the absurd

If your co-worker decided to provoke you stupid statement or taunts you did not stun the flow of battle and criticism, but a completely absurd reaction.It is not insulting, but put in an awkward position.This is best suited converted famous wise sayings, proverbs and sayings.

You're right

Rather than explain and defend, you agree to the "forward", but also exaggerating his rebuke.Thus, you avoid open conflict, and surrounding you feel able to laugh at himself, which undoubtedly will add you points.Example: "Tanya, what are your abominable sharp spirits!"."You're right, in Iceland they poison coc



If you do not want to answer the taunts of others, imagine their small children.Children swear, cry, scream, fight, they call names.A wise adult just waiting for them to calm down.You do not react to their words and lunges, you're funny to watch them as a wise adult.

Leave tomorrow

If you are unable to, and not in the mood to answer, just decide for yourself what to think about it tomorrow.You can not always keep your answer ready.

Earplugs ears

You pretend not to hear an insult or taunt your opponent completely and turn over part of the sentence in the direction you want.Great for when there are a crowd.

with the chief

Sometimes the chief does not control themselves, showering you with insults and humiliating your dignity.Do not leave it unattended.


Wait until you finish berating the chief.No need to interrupt it or make excuses.During the tirade he may find that he gave you one job, and require solutions are now on a completely different subject, or he's just misunderstood your actions in relation to the project.When it finishes, you will be able to sensibly assess his claims and parry.


If the chief offends you, instead of discussing the work, you should interrupt and say, "Sorry, I can not talk to you in such a tone.When you calm down, I'll go. "He will have time to think about their actions, and you do not give yourself to humiliate.

maintains internal resistance

When you insult, tease or pin up, it caught unawares.So you can not fend off.When an unpleasant situation, Lift inside its own protective shield.It will allow you to keep a distance, but at the same time, stay relaxed even escalate the situation.

follows the movement

Our uncertainty gives our body.Confident posture will give you the stamina to reflect kick.Stand evenly distribute the load on the legs, one should not stand close to another.Do not change posture constantly: the impression that you are uncomfortable.

In a circle of friends

closest people, too, it happens behind the curve.For example, a joke can hurt to the core, and permanent podkoly annoy and humiliate.But even in these cases there are excellent solutions.

«I agree»

If your friends constantly tease the same feature or your action, agrees.They do it to get your violent reaction, but if you cease to receive it, the jokes are gradually cease.

Straight Talk

Sometimes, if people do not understand that it is a cruel joke, you just need to tell him about it.Perhaps he quipped, without thinking, and he was at that moment it was funny, and you - sorry.The main thing - do not hesitate to admit it, because such behavior joker can be repeated again and again if he did not explain the situation.You will not pass for a prude, but keep composure, calmness and prevent the reappearance of such jokes that humiliate your dignity.

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