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Types of facial masks

Our grandparents privsey their modesty still enjoyed folk remedies from kotoryhizgotavlivali mask.So they mixed a variety of herbs and applied them to the person in order to look good.Today, we can not waste time on sbortrav, just go to the store and choose a cosmetic agent izbolshogo number of products offered.

Forms masks

  1. Masks stoniziruyuschim effect.
  2. masks suzheniyapor.
  3. Masks dlyarasshireniya far.
  4. Nutritional tipymasok.
  5. Masks dlyaotshelushivaniya.
  6. masks lecheniyapovrezhdennyh of the skin and so on.

Mask type and its purpose

Primeneniemasok as their acquisition, shall be determined by the zhepokazatelem.To begin, decide what result do you expect from the drug.Takzhestoit know that there are some treatment programs, which allowed sochetatrazlichnye types of masks.

Toniziruyuschiemaski - a convenient and effective way in many cases.For example, vyprishli from work and you suddenly invited to any celebration.In dannomsluchae in order to quickly remove the signs of fatigue, you ne

ed to make a mask to special pigments to tone the skin.Later your litsostanet a new shine and gain a fresh look.

esliv the summer drought and winter frosts have dry skin, totut need to pay attention to hydrating mask.They are well rid otmorschin, as well as serve as an indispensable tool in the chapping of the skin.

last to narrow pores, is to use a special mask podobnogonaznacheniya.It helps reduce sebum.

Esliu you have problems with the rash, black dots and clogging pores, tovozmite mask that expands the pores.This type will give you vozmozhnostizbavitsya unnecessary pigments and bring his body in order.

noest also other masks: anti-aging, masks biomatriksy and paraffin mask.

Maskidlya rejuvenation .This type of mask is also called revitalayzingami.Ihispolzuyut to apply to the already mature and aging skin.The main svoystvomveschestv is to improve the condition of the skin, as well as toning.For etogoispolzuetsya metabolic processes in the skin cells, which helps razgladitmorschiny, nourish and moisturize the skin, improve complexion and aktivizirovatmikrotsirkulyatsiyu.It is best to use the substance in conjunction with the sera.

Masks biomatriksy .This kind made on the basis of algae and other produktov.Deystvie substance depends on the composition of dietary supplements and their focus narabote skin.If you want to get the maximum benefit, it is better vsegoispytat mask combined with thermal water.

Parafinovayamaska ​​ .This mask is designed for those who have problems with suhostyukozhi.With this tool, you can soften the skin and make zhelaemogoeffekta.But remember that the wiping means that use posleprimeneniya mask should not contain alcohol, as they can lead to ozhogam.Prezhde than substance use alone, read the instructions.


All types of masks separated narazlichnye types of applications, as do certain funktsii.Pitatelnaya mask will not help you get rid of acne, and toning otmorschin.Determine which means you'll need: a cleansing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, or otherwise.Only with the right approach you will get neobhodimyyrezultat.If you are not sure, then do not try everything itratit wasting money better consult a beautician iliskhodite in a beauty salon.

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