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Children's room - room for a little human life

main rule arrangement of a child's room - creating the most convenient and comfortable for the child's living conditions.If you have not yet decided which of the rooms of the house will better accommodate a baby, then here's the first tip: choose a spacious, bright room.The lack of light is bad for the health of the child, and space is very important for children to play.Children's games, especially games with peers, are very active, and often require a lot of space, breaking out of the nursery.On this basis, the furniture in the children's room should be at least.

When choosing finishing materials do not need to dwell on the expensive kinds.It is better to buy fuel-efficient and high-quality materials.It's no secret that kids love to paint on the walls, or stick to the wall of a cheerful picture.So you do not blame the kid for such actions, it is better from the outset not to spend a lot of money for building materials.Pay attention to the environmental friendliness of purchased materials, as well as

their strength and safety.

To handle the walls of children's rooms are best suited water-based paint or wallpaper.These coatings allow good air exchange room.When choosing the color of the walls give preference to children's calm, pastel tones: beige, milk, pink, blue, green.Now when you create a fashionable interior of a child's room to keep one of the walls white (for this you just need to paste over her white wallpaper).This wall of your pipsqueak with pleasure will adorn himself.By the way, with your help, this white wall can turn into a real work of art!For example, it can be decorated with applications of old wallpaper, cut out of them figures of animals, birds, butterflies.Another original way - to leave on the wall color prints handprints of all the members of your family.By the way, in terms of psychologists, such joint "repair" bring together the family, give joy and happiness.

Floor finishing a child's room will be the best choice, or laminate flooring.Do not forget that children spend much time on the floor, so it is important to make an eco-friendly floor, warm and antistatic.Children's room needs a daily wet cleaning.For cleaning is easier and faster, do not put a carpet on the floor with a large pile.The ideal solution for a child's room - a small rug in a short nap.Staley it where the kid plays more often.If your child is allergic to dust, it is better not to put a carpet in his room, at a time when he is playing on the floor, you can just lay under the baby blanket.

ceiling of a child's room is better to make the white color, so the room will seem brighter and more spacious.Do not make children's hanging in there a tension ceilings, better paint the ceiling paint or cover the ceiling tile.Children enjoy the unusual ceiling - with angels, or with clouds.You can purchase svetonakopitelnye stars that night will illuminate the room a soft glow, like a real starry sky.

Pay special attention to the door of the nursery.After all, the door can be a real "wall of development" of the child.On the door, you can attach the scale to measure the growth of the baby, wall alphabet letters for the study, but you can just paste up her favorite multgeroya child.

As for furniture children's room, then it should be as safe as possible: no sharp corners, without the use of glass parts.The best option would be a children's corner light wood (ash, birch, aspen).Curtains, capes, blankets children's room is better to choose bright colors.In the presence of light walls are bright smears are not annoyingly act on a child or distract his attention, on the contrary, they actively contribute to its development.

If children's room designed for two children, it's best to buy a bunk bed, so as not to clutter up the space.Around the bed should not be sockets.Think about placing toys.Very convenient containers for toys that are themselves children's room decoration, as made in the form of colorful animals.When placing a table or children's desks, put it in a way that the child was sitting facing the wall, it will give him confidence and peace of mind.

Children's room should have good lighting.In the evening hours the light should be bright, but diffused.Near the bed is convenient to arrange a night light with soft light, as not all kids go to sleep in total darkness.Well, if the baby itself will need to include a night light.

And another tip: the regeneration of a child's room, consider the view of the child, because it was his room and he should like it all.

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