All you need to know about tea

Many people think that black tea and green - are two different kinds of tea.In fact, black and green tea made from one kind of plant, just in different ways.The technology of processing of tea leaves to obtain a green tea is such that it retains all the vitamins and nutrients.Thus, green tea is better for the body than black.Natural green tea flavors without a specific, slightly astringent taste, almost odorless.While black tea and delicious, and fragrant.The choice depends on the preferences of the buyer.

Green tea is pleasant, combined with jasmine, bergamot, lemon, they give it to taste the beauty and uniqueness, enriching it with additional vitamins useful drink.

should know that you should not drink black tea in unlimited quantities, as its excessive use of triggers diseases such as constipation, insomnia, varicose veins.Green tea in large amounts can cause drowsiness (or the opposite, insomnia), fatigue, and irritability.

To avoid the above problems, it is not necessary to use more than 5 cups

of strong green or black tea a day.

When choosing tea, the main question that arises among customers is that any tea is better - in packages or plain?Now there is a perception that tea bags made from tea dust and waste, so it is harmful to health.This is true only in part.Indeed, to a disposable tea bag can quickly brew, it contains tea grit and screenings.But manufacturers argue that this baby is made of the same high quality materials as regular tea, so no threat to the health of the tea bag can not bring.The teabag pouch has the same useful properties as a conventional tea brewing.

main advantage of single-use tea bags is that they are easy to use.You can quickly view a strong, hot tea, which, moreover, will not float tea leaves.Better to buy the tea bags, which does not contain additives and harmful impurities.High-quality tea when brewed clear, not muddy brown.

Advantages of tea bags is that they are indispensable on the road, in campaigns and travel, in the office.But at home, it's better in the old brew regular tea for the whole family.

The disadvantages of disposable tea bags include high price, compared with the usual tea of ​​the same brand, short term storage, as tea bag quickly "out of steam", that is, loses its inherent tea aroma, it is because the tea bagsseverely crushed.To the tea longer retains its flavor on opening the package, many manufacturers began to produce individual package for each tea bag.

To brew a delicious, aromatic tea, you need to choose the right to a teapot.Porcelain teapot perfectly retain quality, flavor and color of tea, they are also very beautiful, and decorate any home a tea ceremony.Glassware is also convenient for brewing, it does not affect the quality of tea, but tea in a glass quickly cools.Ceramics - the most convenient material for brewing tea, as it is breathable, which prevents the tea from premature souring.Ceramic teapot in most unleashes the full flavor and aroma of brewed tea leaves.

Avoid buying metal teapots, as contained in the tea tannic acid combines with the iron in our stomach turns into real ink!

perfect teapot should be circular with its lid should be a small hole through which the tea is breathing.

for different types of tea: black and green - it is better to have separate teapots.

That's all there is to know about tea.Enjoy your tea!

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