The position of the Fund - Love Family Harmony

That's what we will discuss in this article, "The position of the Fund love family harmony."Probably the most important thing in life is to achieve harmony in all things, but first and foremost, of course, in your family, it's the most intimate human.Mutual love makes a family harmony, it is one of the first factors of harmony in the family.

But what is real love?And that is, feelings, emotions or actions yet?I want you to talk about it in detail, so that you find harmony with, and the love.Do you know why I think that love is not the feelings and emotions, and actions?Because when our love is based only on emotions and feelings, it is selfish and such love can lead you to a dead end in your family relationships.

Always remember that love is long-suffering, goodness she does not envy, is not proud, does evil.True love is always ready to sacrifice himself for the happiness of another person.If you see your love is nothing but a selfish, do not be fooled, this is not true love and pre slightest "swaying

wind" kind of love will blow.

Be always ready to sacrifice themselves, and such love will bring you harmony in the family.Of course, this applies to both members of the family, as a woman and a man.And if a woman and a man will be ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of another, it will be a real harmony, real love for each other.

I think you will agree with me that the foundation of the family in Russia significantly reduces their moral values.And if just not long ago, marriages in the 80s still remain strong, the marriages, in the '90s, and even more so in the 2000s, have more and more flexible platform, and frequent divorces.

Here you can figure out why this happens, you look at those families where wives and husbands, or at least one family member is willing to sacrifice himself for the happiness of others and for the sake of focus and comfort, these are family.And where we see the attitude of the family, let's say, let's call it this way: "We are creating a family to love me with a loved one," and what we see there only further deterioration and eventually divorce.

In conclusion of his article, I want to say to all those who are going not just to create a family and to have and harmony.No need to put a special accent on the fact that you want to see to the needs of the second half, and your spouse will look at your needs and that you, and create harmony in your own family and life.

Try to give greater love than to demand in return.And always remember that the family is not a game, and the great work of both, and entering into a new life, do not go into it with the knowledge that you can always get a divorce.After all, perhaps, the one who builds the house, thinking about how to destroy it?Look to the future with joy, and build it in peace and harmony with each other.

When your future husband will make you an offer, then ask him if he was ready to build a marriage and he decided to throw everything at you.Ask him if he is ready to use not just the fact that you're his wife (cook wash clean), but also to be a full-fledged husband in the family.To take responsibility and to be thus master the family in place, so that every man aspires.After Mr.

not only lies and is a blessing, but also works for the benefit of the so-called.And cute girls look seriously at the issue of marriage, because of the decision taken depends on you now your whole future life.