Beauty products for young skin

Nowadays it is almost impossible to stay with young skin, without using cosmetics.Of course, we must be able to use it, but to do without cosmetics in the modern world it is impossible for a woman.Therefore, cosmetic care of young skin - this is the path to be eternally young.

Any person needs to understand the fact that the young skin needs special care and prescriptions for one person probably will not do another, so that the skin at all different.

First of all, it is important to any young skin hydration.Firstly, water - a good solvent and therefore cleans the skin from all extraneous matter.Second, the skin at this age need a lot of water to maintain the regenerative properties, that is, to restore the skin when damaged.

is also very important to watch your diet.Some products may increase the production of sebum on the skin surface, thereby induce the formation of acne.Therefore, good progress can be replacing sweets with fruits, vegetables, dried fruit, honey, nuts and many other useful products


to select cosmetics need to determine your skin type: normal, dry, oily or mixed.For each of these types has its own, personal care.And, of course, it can not be ignored when choosing cosmetics.

Dry skin requires a very thorough cosmetic treatment.First of all, if you have dry skin, it is desirable to you regularly and often wash with warm water.Also, before going out it is recommended to apply to the skin nourishing cream, which increase metabolism and help the skin to remain in good shape.For such a skin is better to use mild detergent and do not recommend the use of hot tubs that are very degreased and dried skin.

Beauty products for oily skin, easily transporting cold and wind require antibacterial agents that reduce the release of fat and resist infection, because oily skin infections penetrate easier.Also, to reduce the release of fat is recommended to wash a skin in cold water, which reduces perspiration.Paradoxically, but you do not desiccate the skin, because then the sebaceous glands will increase the release of fat and skin will become more oily.

normal skin of the face is quite rare, so it needs very careful care, especially that over the years it can become dry.Normal skin does not like frills.This skin should be cleaned 2-3 times a day, and it is better not to use soap and water, and milk, as soap can lead to overdrying the skin and normal skin becomes dry.Excess cream clogs the pores of normal skin and, accordingly, the excessive use of creams does not lead to improvement of the skin.

Mixed skin has in itself and fatty and dry, that is part of the face - it is oily skin, and the other part - dry, so it needed a thorough cleansing, as well as for fat and moisture with nutrients, as well asand dry.Beauty products of this type of skin to hold the most difficult.Washing should be done only with warm or cold water because hot water desiccate dry skin and at the same time makes the fat even fatter.Well, the use of cosmetics should be thought out to every part of the skin gets exactly what it needs, otherwise you will not succeed in taking care of mixed skin type.

It is thanks to the cosmetic care of young skin, we can boast of the fact that even in 40 years you can have a really young skin and thanks to cosmetics, we pushed the aging of the skin for many years.But do not forget that for a really healthy skin is important regular outdoor exercise, sufficient rest, and of course, positive emotions.Therefore, even if your skin is always young and beautiful!

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