Depression and methods for treating diseases

But power is getting smaller, and life seems meaningless.You become a machine that executes commands of the mind, and has lost something very important: what made you alive.But as with any other disease, depression and in methods for treating diseases is.

What do you lack in depression?Of course, the joy!You ceased to rejoice that the sun rises, the rain or snow that you breathe, and in the end, just live.And with depression do not love enough: shutting alone, you can not crawl out of his shell a world that has turned into a dead end.And you do not have enough faith in themselves, in the future, in life and people.You did not even notice when he lost it all.Just at some point force suddenly left the body, the world has lost the appeal.

there a way out of this state of depression?Of course there is.The first thing to stop fight depression and to find ways to treat the disease is mandatory.Look at it as a friend, who will open your eyes to something you had not noticed, but that actually turned out to b

e so important to life.Understanding depression and ways to treat the disease, not only will you get rid of it, but you will become wise, really strong man.

Joy Joy is the highest degree of satisfaction during the depression.This feeling is common to all living beings: see how our sport four-legged pets pets and wild animals.It seems that even the plants smile when pulling the stems and branches to the sun.All creatures survive precisely because of the principle of satisfaction of their vital needs and getting pleasure from it.Pleasure is a reference to the body that it operates as efficiently as possible and in the right direction.This is a basic bodily reactions, allowing to survive.And it is never excessive, neither plants nor animals are trying to get more than they need.That's where the paradox of modern society provided that massively affected depression and methods for treating diseases is looking for.What happens to people when they demand more and more from life?

This excessiveness
says only one thing: alienation from one's own body.We no longer feel his message, saying that what is good and what is bad, when good enough, even when you need to.So, we have lost the ability to feel real satisfaction in life.Not getting pleasure from the natural process of life, we come up with all the new and new targets: will I have it (this will become something that will achieve something, to-do) - and finally have fun.But in the end we disappointed, because in fact committed to the other, we want to feel the real pleasure.And when we've been unable to achieve this state, rises depression and ways to treat the disease are very difficult.

No body can not fully exist without the feeling of satisfaction: in the physiology of this process of detente.Live system always operates on the principle of tension and relaxation, reception and bestowal.And when one falls out of these links, the body is under stress and depression: how disturbed metabolism and energy processes.We find ourselves in a situation of mental and physiological impasse.First of all, you need to understand that the real fun is not external to, and in his physical ability to experience - to establish contact with his own body.


Speaking of love, the highest human values, we, of course, talking about the relationship.Our "I" feels the need to have to be connected to someone else.This deep need for roots in a time when we were in the womb, the umbilical cord connected to a single organism.The first experience lays in our body the basic law of life is love - this association.Thanks to the union of man and woman has the possibility of a new life.Combining both mother and fetus allows develop a new organism.And the child up to three years is particularly acute its unity with the mother: physiologically and emotionally, he needs her care and attention.

Modern psychology and folk wisdom recommends a mother to three years given the maximum contact with the child and to meet his physical needs, without resorting to punishment.It is important to understand that at this age the child is not naughty, but openly and directly express their emotions.For example, excessive anxiety crumbs can be explained by the fact that during gestation the mother's womb was in good shape and the birth was difficult.It is necessary to compensate for the infant these feelings with love and care, not punishment and neglect.A loving mother, no matter how tired, gets pleasure from communicating with your baby.

But to love - it means
be one.When my mother feeds the child, talking to him, then it is given entirely and experiencing joy.It is noted that a person's ability to give love is directly proportional to the pleasure felt by the parents when the child's upbringing.In such cases, the child is formed credibility and people confidence that it has an unconditional right to life and not once in this world.If the child did not get love from him there inferiority complex.An adult, he will try by any means to earn love: he will try to become the best, most hardworking, most intelligent or the most rebellious, and so.. After many attempts, he feels the futility of effort and he will drop his hands - a dead end.And the thing is that, firstly, the love that he seeks is not dependent on his personal qualities - it is unconditional.And, secondly, distrust of the people, which means that the failure to establish with any close link already fixed in his body childhood emotional traumas.Do not blame the parents, because they were hostages of the same problems.It's pointless to demand that the world of love - is the body blocks and negates all relationships.But an adult all the same there is a way.And if we do not feel and do not like living in your own body, our love for others is only a surrogate.

We will monitor demand offended and not to give joy of life.Combine with the body - and unconditional love will definitely come back to you.


pointless to speak about faith, it can be easy to feel.It is the foundation of any religion.But the word "religion" is translated from Latin as "reunification."So, faith - that's what takes us beyond the boundaries of individual existence and connects with something great and eternal.Every person, regardless of the involvement of any religious denomination, in the depths of the soul feels the need for immortality.We can not accept the idea that this brief moment of life - everything that we have, because then life is meaningless.We want to believe that it is not.But how?Entry into any religious tradition does not necessarily automatically entail the emergence of faith.Take confidence from the external attributes can not be - it is a deep personal experience.And not in vain in many religions, especially Eastern, a lot of attention is paid to the body.Experience bodily practices such as yoga, dynamic meditation, qigong et al., Shows that by working with the body, we awaken a surprising sense of belonging to a common life flow through the body of all living beings.And finds inexplicable - faith.To do this, it is not necessary to go into the jungle of eastern practices: just release the depressed breathing and listen to your body.

Breathe deeply

What prevents you to listen to your own body?As a result of early trauma and fear to fully experience the whole range of inherent human senses (from joy to grief) are formed in the body of muscle clamps, manifested depression and ways to treat the disease is not so easy.Spastic muscles do not allow the breath to flow freely through the body.And it was in the breath of life is a mystery.Supplying energy metabolism, thus it supports the fire of life.

For example, many people do not feel the energy connected with your feet, feel the emptiness in the abdomen and chest.Therefore, the breath of a person who is depressed, superficial and shallow.An important step to recovery is the very understanding of the fact that to get out of depression and ways to treat the disease found, you will touch with your own body.It can not do so simply because it is there were fixed failure and pain.

But the other way is not there.Only untied tied once nodes can release your breath and regain vitality.Alexander Lowen, founder of body-oriented therapy offers exercises that a person can do on their own in order to achieve unity with the body.To obtain a positive effect, deal with regularly.If during the exercise will be a feeling of anxiety, try to analyze it from the point of view of their childhood experiences and continue training.If you have a desire to cry - cry: it means that you come alive.Get in touch with the body, and trust the flow of life force, you will be able to survive any grief, pain and depression.

Depression and ways to treat the disease: healing exercises will lead to human harmony.Feeling vital pulsation of the body, we feel ownership to the pulsating life forever.This brings us health and strength, brings joy, love and deep faith, to overcome the difficulties of life, depression.

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