Loss of vision and visual defects

Full operation of all analyzer makes it possible to fully perceive reality.But the sight of them is the key.

In order to realize the load on the visual analyzer, introduced him to the post office.In this case daily at its address it came to around 100 000 parcels.The same news items coming into our brain through the eye (the remaining senses account for only 10%).While vision loss and defects of man can not respond to the world as the rest of healthy people.

If the eyes do not work

What happens if the main post office is closed?Small branches are overloaded.They will have to expand the territory and to work overtime.Roughly the same thing happens in our body.People with visual impairment activated the so-called minor senses: hearing, smell and tactile sensitivity.And over time, they accustom to handle than the standard 10% of the information, and much more.

success replace visual analytical system depends primarily on the age at which there was a loss of vision and visual defects.It is best adap

ted individuals with congenital or acquired blindness in childhood.

Compensatory mechanisms

hearing.People with vision loss and impaired easier to localize the source of the sound, longer "hold" his direction and quickly analyzed.Research response to say the phrase proves that the blind it flows twice as fast.Generally, giperaktivizatsiya some senses sometimes leads to interesting phenomena: one analytical system irritation can trigger arousal another.For example, sounds can cause sensations of color or touch.Playing the flute, for example, many blind people associate with a touch of something cold and smooth.

Touch.Complete loss of vision leads to the need to "feel" the world.In this regard, the distal part of the arms are activated, i.e. fingertips.This "training" reduces the threshold of perception and, consequently, increases tactile sensitivity.Its level varies during the day: for example, a tired man threshold is reduced.

Sketch image

way to get information about the environment in the blind for the most part are universal, but the analysis of the data and further representation may vary.

There is a fundamental difference between the blind from birth and those people who have suffered a loss of vision and visual defects in conscious age.People blinded in adulthood, are seen in the memory scenes, and the subsequent formation of images takes place on the basis of these memorable pictures.Blind since birth or lost their sight before the age of three years are the world purely in its own way, not as sighted.For example, they do not dream of visual images.Their sleep is filled with smells, sounds and sensations.Similarly, our eyes during sleep the blind move the fingers, making groping or "fluttering" of the movement.

On the verge of psychic

Cases when the vibration sensitivity of blind people up is not just high, but really phenomenal levels!Their heightened perception allows you to capture fluctuations in air temperature.As a result, the reflected vibration from houses, trees and other large objects allows the blind to feel and facilitates their movement.

Not everyone can describe in detail the feeling.For some, it's like the feeling of barriers at the level of a person for others - shadow.Cases where a blind person feels home from five meters, and the post - with a single.

About this ability of the blind in the scientific community began to talk in the middle of the XX century.It was called "sixth sense", and later - "facial perception."

believed that people with normal vision also have vibration sensitivity.However, the lack of demand for it remains with us at a low, sub-threshold level.

What do you mean?

Nonsuch tactile sensitivity is the development of dermatology and optical sensations, that is, the ability of the skin to react to color and light changes.It is proved that under certain training blind people are able to by hand to color and even read large written text.

While scientists are just trying to explain this phenomenon and do not jump to conclusions - all the rationale exist only in the form of theories.Considered the most reliable version of the electric and electromagnetic waves.According to it, differently colored surfaces create different electric potentials.When the feeling surfaces feel "grip" with their fingers.And by the power of the clutch blind and determine the color.

fulfilling life possible!

Blindness - perhaps the most special cause of vision loss and visual defects of all.The head does not fit how you can live, work, walk, talk, finally, if you do not have a chance to look into the eyes of the other party, if you do not disassemble the road ?!

Meanwhile, there are many examples of people who lost their vision, not simply adapt to their new reality and do something uncommon in life: writing poetry, work, and most importantly, fall in love and create a family.