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Carrot Mousse

  • carrots - 1 kg sugar
  • - 4 tbsp.spoon
  • gelatin - 20 grams
  • water - 2 cups

Gelatin soaked for 40 minutes in half a glass of cold water.Once swollen - dissolved in a water bath.Carrots for our mousse Grate and juice is squeezed.Pour the carrot water that remained, and boil for 15 minutes.Ready strain the broth and mix with sugar and squeezed juice, Boil, adding gelatin and bring to a boil again.The finished mixture is cooled prior to gelling and whipped to a froth, and then poured into molds, where it thickens.Before submitting a carrot mousse, dip mold in hot water for a few seconds, after which the mousse is laid out on a dish.

Servings: 8