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What exquisite detail should be in our house?

In the house it should please the eye, so the old vases should be approached critically, and to new vases, need to be creative.We often do not choose, we could get a vase as a gift, or could get inherited from family members.

If you have anything like that, and you have decided to buy this beautiful part of the interior, then before you go to the store, think about what you want to buy a vase.If you are interested in ceramic vases, these vases come in a variety of colors and bizarre shapes.If the interior of your house is suitable to the style of country music, it is a vase, and you need to purchase.Wooden table and a new ceramic vase a united harmony.

Today, the most popular are glass vase and can be purchased at any store.Since this is a vase for flower arrangements, then these glasses you can see the flower vases topic - tulips, poppies, these drawings are made if a child's hand, and looking at all this stylish and unusual.

Particular attention deserve transparent glass vase, unlike porcelain or c

eramic candid look, because they can see the whole life colors, you can see when you need to change the water or pour it, when you need to cut the stems or just throw the flowers have wilted.A glass vase is the most likeable and unpretentious option for those who have not yet decided on the style of the house.

Porcelain vase - light, elegant and aristocratic, but, despite the seeming fragility, is strong enough.In order not to be deceived with the choice of the porcelain, it is necessary to know that good china has a delicate and warm hue, not bluish-gray.Porcelain painting occupies a modest place, but now a major avant-garde porcelain decorated with a pattern of chaotic colored stripes, diamonds, triangles.When they came to visit and gave you a beautiful bouquet of roses, put it in a porcelain vase, so you will be able not only to emphasize the beauty of your table, but all the solemnity of the moment.

has become fashionable to publicly display porcelain, but it must be done skillfully.For example, a porcelain timid character and adjacent to the crystal it will be uncomfortable.Best of all white porcelain vase feels in the company of white - on the bedside table of light wood tables or white, because now in vogue white furniture.If the room is not well lit, the porcelain vase with a juicy and bright ornaments of leaves and intertwining of tropical fruits, bring in your room, a bit of sunshine.It will create a great floral accent.

If the room is in the Neo-Gothic style, this style is present in the country cottages, this style is present color strict scale, high backrest have chairs, elongated rectangular tables covered with precious woods, it is absolutely not work here bright vase of colored glass or plastic.It is very well suited vase, which will be made under the "stone" ceramics.This vase is resistant glaze and high strength, and the form, for example, cane, will resemble a stone carving.

If your room Rococo style, with a fancy shaped table, the vase is suitable for him - asymmetric with very bright colors.

Recently widespread style of Hi-tech, which means "high technology".The perfect solution here is the vase of colored glass or high quality plastic.And in order to emphasize the atmosphere of coziness and comfort you need to know that if the vase painted in cool colors, then in low light it will look brighter and warmer tones vase in this light will not look.

vase may be different - a transparent and thin, matted and cubic, irregularly shaped, carved with gold, but in color.Figure vase of you can tell a lot.If you give preference to color the glass with classical forms, is thereby you demonstrate their desire for extravagance, if you prefer a transparent glass with a red pattern, then you are demonstrating the desire for harmony.

And all the talk about the fact that the crystal vase is no longer fashionable, and has outlived its time, are greatly exaggerated.When are we going to choose any gift for the solemn occasion such as a birthday, a wedding, then give preference to a crystal vase, because it is much more elegant, more graceful, transparent any other.

Beautiful vase, no matter what it is made, must comply with the styling of the room where it is located.This applies especially to outdoor products, which have been used in different interiors.Vase emphasizes the habits and tastes of the owners and reflects the basic idea of ​​the room.In rich and modern houses can be seen Greek amphorae, vases, these are a wonderful decoration and also a mitigating element, which as it emphasizes the severity of the interior.These vases - figurines, usually decorated with gold leaf, which gives them the elegant and solemn.

These exquisite little things like vases in every house, and they are an ornament of any interior.

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