How to teach your teenager to dress nice and stylish

Only, for some reason, the impression that they are faceless, bright solid mass, devoid of individuality.Even a combination of individual beautiful things did not create a stylish image.And then I thought about how to teach a teenager to dress nice and stylish.

For starters had the most to understand what I did want.After all, beauty and style - not the same thing.On the pages of fashion magazines and catwalks of the great fashion metropolises presented is certainly a beautiful model.But the style appears or does not appear when the garment is moved from the stage to life.Therefore style - a certain accents appearance in a broad sense, dictated by the individual.

Ability to dress nice and stylish - it is still a skill that must be learned.Nature can give a good taste, the ability to distinguish the beautiful, but the ability to choose from a beautiful name of their own, to make the selected ensemble that would be associated with you - a matter of experience, practice and endless searches.This explains

the fact that the meet stylishly dressed man or woman among people in middle age is easier than among the young.Over the years comes confidence, one realizes who he aspires to as delayed imprint on his image.

This does not mean that teach a teenager to dress stylishly is not possible.And the learning process is not too different from any other.

feeling of beauty, style and cleanliness, without which any beauty fades, instilled in the family.From an early age the child should be neat, clean clothing should be in harmony in color and structure of the fabrics to create an ensemble.If the child is automatically wear something that is in the closet on top without worrying sweater to fit panties or not, prove later teenager, so you can not dress, it will be very not easy.As with everything, you can repeat a thousand times moral, but if this is not to follow the declared principles is the use of these exhortations will not be any.Children learn from the whole experience or experience in spite of their parents.Therefore, the best lesson on how to teach a teenager to dress nice and stylish, which you can teach it - to be a model.Agree, nice enough lesson.

In adolescence, children become "unmanageable."They tend to oppose adults to prove their independence and right.To achieve these purposes, all without exception methods, appearance as well.Unlike wearing on something unimaginable much easier than actions and special skills, so often children choose an extraordinary style.Some parents do not take seriously the appearance of children, other, more conservative, actively resist attempts to prove himself.Both the method will not bring positive results.Indifference has learned nothing and will only strengthen opposition to the desire to resist.

best way - to try to understand young people.After all, a lot of youth models are really beautiful, unusual and comfortable.After playing a teenager, try out various styles and directions, up to extreme styles of youth subculture (emo, punk, metal, goth), the teenager will be easier to come to the middle.And how else can understand your anything or not, try, try on and not feeling myself.

teenager Explain that by imitating and trying to buy something, like everyone else, he becomes a part of the crowd, losing individuality.But do not insist on his own, if the child is to remain steadfast.At this age, to be part of the crowd cool.Better Together interested in novelties of youth fashion, discuss them, to take joint shopping trips, provide adolescents with the right to choose, but to explain what your option is better or more advantageous.Still, they imitate their parents, but would not admit it even to himself.

Not superfluous will simply join the culture.Visual arts, music, theater form outlook and taste.Visit the museums and exhibitions, go to the movies together, discuss what they see.

media, the Internet, television wealth of information about fashion and how to dress nicely.Buy youth magazines.And the girls, and young people enthusiastically read and follow their advice.Fill the adolescent brain is the right information.If you say nothing and not to vaccinate on the theme of culture of clothing, a teenager still emerge performance.Just shape it will be a street, with its not the most aesthetic designs.

And yet, the style is created accents, trivia and accessories.Parents whose childhood has flown in the same era uniforms, clothes are monumental.Only the most necessary and practical.They find it hard to understand the need for all kinds of baubles, rucksacks, handbags, and an abundance of jewelry.But we must try to understand.You should not indulge in everything, but have some minimum "tsatsek" should any teenager.

Welcome, if you see that your child something to manage.Encourage him, do not leave unnoticed the next fad expression.Just do not cry, "Remove it immediately!" Try to clarify why this kind of what your child wants to convey this.In a dispute (not quarrel!) The truth is born.To discuss with you the peculiarities of his appearance, having heard your smart comments may view the teenager about his ridiculous appearance change.And the next time he will dress differently.

attention and patience.As you can see, the same as in all other sciences.

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