How to combine work and raise children?

There is no doubt that it is best if the child at an early age fosters mother.But the modern world dictates its own terms.Most mothers prefer to return to work after a few months after giving birth - and it is their absolute right.But there comes a time to decide whom to entrust their chips?Variants often only three.Let us consider each of these in more detail.


The biggest problem here - not to find a suitable garden next to the house.Not all institutions are taking very young children, excluding, of course, private nurseries.But about them later.The conventional gardens generic accept children from two years.And then by appointment after passing the medical examination.A child who can not itself serve a minimum (there alone, holding a cup, go to the toilet or at least on the pot) garden in no hurry to take.Be ready for it.Despite the fact that a specific law or regulation on this point, the teachers are doing their best not to hang on such a "Moroku."The second problem - the physi

cal condition of the child.If your child is frequently ill and there are medical confirmation card - garden can you take to officially deny yourself your child.And it will be legally right.Well, the main problem - the adaptation of a young child in the children's collective life outside the home on clear rules and principles, stress and isolation from the native people - all this serious occasion to reflect.


  • In kindergarten child will communicate and get used to the presence of many people, even strangers, are not afraid of them.Thus, going to school, the child will not experience stress inherent to many children who were educated at home.He was used to that attention is given not only to him, that he was not "navel of the earth", that is, next to other children.
  • Kindergarten Children will be under the care and supervision of qualified staff with years of experience.
  • In kindergarten, children learn discipline and the many activities that are beneficial to their growth.They develop the imagination, ingenuity and skills that will help them in the future.


  • Your child may feel forgotten and abandoned, even though it concerns more than older children.Kids in this regard is not so sensitive and get used to new surroundings quickly.
  • Since many children going to kindergarten - often spread viruses and your child more susceptible to diseases.Almost every child has got into the garden, at least once perebolevaet viral diseases.It is even considered normal.


usually resorted to the services of a nanny those mothers who do not want to raise their child, "among others."They want as much as possible to surround the baby warmth and care that when he was in his native walls of the house, will not leave.But this attempt to combine work and communicate with the child in a convenient time.There are countless companies that provide services on the selection of baby-sitting, which guarantee you 100% professionalism.It is better to hire a nanny on the recommendation of friends, having at least a few positive reviews about it.So you're a little more than protect yourself and your child from a layman or even aferistki, which have become much more recently.It is better if the nurse will be at least of medical education.If you have special requirements for the nurse (for example, when your child needs to take medicine at a certain time), make a list of requirements.From this it becomes clear that your requirements should not be underestimated.The ideal is a nurse in the past kindergarten teacher, as she has extensive experience working with children.


  • you set the time of the nurse, depending on how it is convenient.Even if you go very early in the morning to work or want to go for a romantic dinner later in the evening - the nurse will be your help and the help of
  • Your child will receive individual attention in contrast to the kindergartens where your child can stay in the shade (not fedwell, other children teased him, trouble sleeping, etc.).
  • If you do not want to send your child to kindergarten, and grandparents still work and you desperately need someone t, who could follow the child - the nurse is your best solution.


  • Babysitting is expensive, but you can take a part-time nanny.
  • It is difficult to trust her, knowing that a day nurse - people in general, someone else - is in your home.
  • significant part of children's education and training is necessary on your part nanny.And if you do not like, what lesson she teaches your child, you can not go back, as they say "three years ago" to correct the situation.


It is the most common variant of combining work and raising a child when a woman chooses to continue to build a career.Unless, of course, my grandmother does not work either.She is the person whom the child knows and with whom the child will feel safe.There is no better grandmother who loves grandchildren immensely and takes care of them with love and attention.As you and they are happy because they spend more time with the child.This is perfect.But ...

very many cases where family problems arise because of it.What child grows under the influence of her grandmother.A mother is "irrelevant."There are so imperious, authoritarian grandmother, wishing to impose their will more malleable children.The child becomes its property, so at least she feels it.Especially the situation becomes severe when the grandmother (mother's mother) is set against the father of the child and vice versa.This already can lead to serious problems in the future.


  • You will be relaxed, because the child is in good hands.
  • This is the cheapest option in the list.
  • Unlike nanny and kindergarten teacher grandmother guided experience with the "other" children.It focuses on only one child.


  • Because of his love and caring grandmother often make more of a spoiled child who will have problems in the future.
  • In elementary school, unaccustomed to the large accumulation of kids around, the child will experience stress.He will always be missed attention, he will feel slighted and offended.

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