Large family and its main problems

As you know, society can not exist without a family, and it is the parents that make up its foundation, responsible for the emergence and nurturing of children and their development.However, the hard work of all perform differently.Someone lives for themselves, considering that it is not required to make any contribution to the demographics of the country.Someone brings up one child cares and nurtures, sometimes bending the stick, and releases into the world complete egoist.Someone thinks it his duty to give birth to as many children as he can dress and feed, and there are families who along with his family and educate foster children.

family, which grows more than three children in this country is considered to be a large.What are the advantages of such a family?The large family and its main problems are different from those in ordinary families raising one or two children?

should be noted that the attitude of society to large families may be considered a major problem.Opponents of families with many

children the main argument is that with the unpredictability of life today should be of paramount importance material income and to limit the number of children that can really raise a particular family.Proponents also believe abortion unacceptable evil, and a large family - the foundation of the country's wealth.

However, representatives of large families themselves have enough problems without debate.Moreover, the material side - not the main one.And it is no coincidence, because many children are born in families or people who believe, trust in divine providence, or in families where all the wealth allows to put on, clothe, feed, educate and educate.Conversely, as experience shows, the high revenue and excellent material living conditions do not promote large families: in such families tend to be an only child.

but completely fend off financial status impossible, especially when you consider that the benefits and subsidies allocated to large families, does not meet a real need.There is such a law - the bad living conditions and meager income significantly limit the number of children in the family.Of course, great importance is the attitude of parents to understand the necessary conditions and prosperity: for a system of values ​​each family has its own.Someone own cottage and will not be considered sufficient for the birth and education of several children, and someone will be enough for this usual two-bedroom apartment.The worst thing about this is that the children serve as "hostages" of parental attitudes to welfare.

Even worse, when they become "hostages" self parents.In today's world, women have a much more attracted to the laurels of a business woman, a career on an equal basis with men, than the role of a housewife in a big family.And even if she tries to combine many children home and career, it is unlikely Give the power demand recovery, and woman at home has only need rest.A child needs a mother, no nurse all her never replace.

One of the problems of any family is and chat.In fact, even with a child's parents often complain that they can not be alone, that he was tired of communicating with them, the need to constantly give their attention.However, just as a large family, this is easier - the older children may themselves have to look after younger, take them to play.And it is remarkable in several points: the father and mother have time for other tasks, and the children get used to care about each other, learn to be patient and responsible.They have to do a lot on their own, and thus they acquire many skills before their peers, grow much better adapted to life.In addition, his family, team accustomed to obey the older children, to appreciate the discipline, attitude, be tolerant to their needs, forgiving to mistakes.

quite obvious that the basic and advanced enough problems and families with many children and families with one child.Another thing is that these problems are in some ways similar, in some ways - different, and in some families, parents have to decide alone, and others - others.For instance, during epidemics of influenza and acute respiratory infections account for large families difficult - usually, if someone brought one infection, all have been ill, and, consequently, the funds will go to medicines is incomparably greater.Admission to the university, a living space for the grown-up children, funds for the wedding - all this and much more is the life and problems of families with many children.Family more and more problems, because not all parents are willing to find a sufficient strength, courage, and love, to decide on three or more children.Condemn no one is impossible.But you can not respect those who dared such a feat, as the large family.