The impact of relationships with parents on education of their children

General uniquely correct model of education is not and likely never will be.It is obvious that to education in different countries in different centuries approached differently - it suffices to compare in this regard Sparta and ancient Japan to understand how differently.The similarity was observed only in the main direction - moral.This is largely due to the fact that until the twentieth century, the main direction of his work drew educators in religion.She also predominated in the family, because it is here, from the birth of the child lays the foundation of education.

Of course, the difference in educational methods dictated and gender - boys and girls brought up differently, even in dense Middle Ages.But despite the fact that boys under 7 years old then raised by her mother and a nanny, they knew perfectly well what he has become.In modern families, with few exceptions, parenting also mainly rests on the shoulders of mothers.And because it is largely from its own human qualities, philosophy, lo

ve, faith, and the responsibility it depends what people grow her son or daughter will bring benefit or harm someone brought up and educated in turn.Well, if the child is born in the family - a welcome, good family relationships, and his mother - a loving and gentle: in this case, the person has a good chance to grow a remarkable personality.And if he was "lucky" to be born into a family that, where the relationship of parents are not at the highest level.The impact of relationships with parents on education of their children has a very great act.

Men are more involved in the relationship in the family.Unfortunately, involved both directly and indirectly - after a bad relationship in the family - not that other, as a reaction of despair, when the woman tumbled and family problems, care, business, and work and school, and education.When it is necessary to do everything, to alter, make, buy, cook, when no one helps and hope only for themselves.But power is not unlimited, there comes a tipping point, begin to fail and the nerves, and the will.And to get the body out of this impasse, the aid comes anger.

It is well known that "hate can burn sometimes even stronger than love."She seemed to give a second wind, you feel strong, arrogant, ruthless, you have to fight their way, regardless of with anyone else.But just as all are well aware that this state is dangerous for the woman and is doubly dangerous for her family.Aggression gives rise only to reciprocal aggression, the information field of the world accumulates and returns its "author" in much larger quantities.And, then, it requires more strength and rage to fight back, overcome ... And that path is closed.Initiation and mixed into the circle of the bitch, doom themselves to a constant, endless, perennial its passage.

And worst of all, with her in the circle, a whirlwind of negative emotions spills out into the world, constant struggle and anger have to be involuntary "hostage" - her family, husband, children.It is strange that flare up in the family quarrel, and his son and daughter begin to copy the behavior of the mother's bitchiness?Because the most important means of education - a living example.Regardless of the desire of parents, children, consciously or unconsciously, take with them a sample of communication, relationships, reactions and behavior.Therefore, if the mother suddenly do not like change for the worse her children, then do not take offense at anyone: it was her own model of behavior.

And so it becomes more and more bitches, and, unfortunately, this is no surprise, as if a new "normal" life.So what awaits us in the future - a society bitch?

Hopefully not.Fortunately, many women who fit this definition, lack of love and patience for their children.Even better is the situation when there is someone who helps her in this.After all, whatever it was, and to educate their children should both parents, not a mother, even ideal.Firstly, because the process of education - continuous, they can not deal only in their spare time.And secondly, all say that the boy needs a father - and as a living model of behavior, and as a friend and as an assistant and as a mentor.It was on his father's shoulders rests the main burden on the education of his son.In a family where, for whatever reason, have only my mother, the father can be replaced and should be one of the relatives, as men contribute to the education of the boy would not otherwise replenished, as if she tried.

Of course, for the daughter of his father to be a male model, support and protection, but because no one exempt him from educating girls.There must also be a general consensus and participation.Therefore, whatever the parents outside the family home, they have to carry only light and warmth, kindness and joy, love and sincere participation.An example of the relationship between the parents - the first thing that adopt children, and how strong the family mutual respect, help and support, kindness and love, so harmonious personality grow people.