The appearance of a second child in the family


Gestational diabetes, anemia in pregnant women, gestosis occur only during pregnancy and are not directly linked to the health of the future mother.The waiting period for the second and subsequent children, they can not come, especially if from the moment of conception doctor will closely monitor your condition.That's why even when planning a baby is important to discuss with the doctor during the first pregnancy.In this case, re-birth complications rarely inherit first.


Many women are awaiting the first-born, know they have a problem in the heart, kidneys, endocrine and other systems only during pregnancy, when the hidden processes under aggravated.Experienced moms are generally well aware of the presence of chronic diseases.Their timely payment can significantly reduce the risk of possible complications.When planning a subsequent pregnancy, in addition to a therapist, be sure to go through all the necessary specialized professionals - they have to prove that your conditi

on is compensated, and the body is ready for nurturing the baby.It is better to hand over analyzes on hormones to avoid hormonal surges.


Its occurrence is unpredictable and inexplicable.You can spend the dressing room most of the first pregnancy and does not experience the slightest feeling of nausea in the second (and vice versa).


risk of its occurrence is increased in the second and each subsequent pregnancy, especially if you are unable to avoid varicose veins for the first time.Vienna, has undergone a heavy load and become more fragile, and spider veins appear much easier.In order to prevent wear a compression garment, and with a strong varices before conception should visit phlebologist.Disease condition may be of varying severity, up to extended and the availability of deep vein sites.The likelihood and the accompanying hemorrhoids.


may be associated not only with the pregnancy, but also with heart disease and kidney failure.If the hands and feet swell and outside of pregnancy, it is best to consult a cardiologist or physician.


As a rule, are more pronounced.The reason - the same muscle weakness.With the permission of the doctor keep physical activity: well strengthen the back muscles swimming, yoga and pilates.Avoid heavy loads and lifting all kinds of gravity - even baby in her arms defied the Pope.Teach crumbs of get into bed and sit in a wheelchair.If you need to pick something up, do not tilt back: keep it straight, bending your knees only.And even if the first pregnancy you have done without the shroud, now it can be useful to you.Today, the age of most multiparous women - 35 years and above.At this time, an increased risk of genetic abnormalities, but the consultation shows, not all genetics.Absolute indications for the procedure is the presence of family cases, chromosomal aberrations, both the wife and husband, and several miscarriages transferred.In other cases, we calculate the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the first trimester of pregnancy - on various parameters: cervical fold toddler age mothers and blood.If the border risk is close to 1: 250, we offer to do an amniocentesis - with this procedure, you can say for sure, there is a child's pathology or not. "

Time intervals

One year is needed to ensure that the body is fully recovered after a vaginal delivery and had the tone of the uterus.It is advisable to wait conceiving after cesarean section to healed scar on the uterus.This period is considered optimal interval between pregnancies.My mother is not breastfeeding, sleep better and fully regained his strength.There is only one "but": Do you want to come back again to the weathered diapers and sleepless nights?The more time that passes after the birth, the harder it is to dare to survive infancy stage again.It increases with age and risk of chronic diseases.

Less than 1 year is considered to be a difficult gap for Mom.However, if the first birth took place without complications and physical condition is good, no limits.The main thing that is completely healed fractures, and fabric were not too loose (it will be more difficult to stretch during childbirth).Be prepared for the fact that the diapers and baby crying will be 2 times more.On the other hand, many mothers prefer to go through this stage in one go, even if it is delayed a little bit of time.With the second baby you no longer can count on the help of her husband.At this point, the pope, as a rule, are drawn into a role - willingly help with bathing, feeding and even disdain changing diapers.

planning pregnancy

• Even if the first pregnancy you were completely healthy before conceiving the next pass examination by a physician or family doctor and hand overall analyzes.Your body could be a number of changes that could affect the course of pregnancy.The risk of having chronic disease increases in women over 35 years.

• It is better to go through a complete diagnosis of the body, if after the last delivery you have had multiple miscarriages.This may indicate the presence of serious diseases that need to be cured or offset before conception.

• Be sure to visit the gynecologist, especially if the pregnancies had an abortion or suffered infectious diseases.Among other things, the doctor checks the uterus and ovaries in the presence of cysts and fibroids.Fibroids located under the mucous membrane, may interfere with subsequent pregnancy and increase the risk of miscarriage.Cysts can be accompanied by dysfunction of the ovaries.

• It is desirable reception at the endocrinologist.Modern women are so many violations of thyroid function.My husband is advisable to check for the presence of infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and inflammatory diseases.

• Do not forget about visiting the dentist.Dental caries and periodontal disease are different active foci of infection spreading throughout the body and are able to penetrate the blood to the baby.In some cases, the expectant mother is contraindicated anesthesia with adrenaline, which is somewhat weakens its effect, so it makes sense for pregnancy completely heal teeth and gums to clean up.What can we say about X-ray diagnostics, which may adversely affect the crumbs.Even before conception necessarily pass oral hygiene (when accessing antenatal care you will always be asked about this FAQ) - cure caries, remove plaque and stone.And do not forget about the rules of hygiene.


In most cases, the baby is born much faster.Disclosure of the cervix (the main stage of labor) in nulliparous can reach 12 hours.Experienced moms neck already disclosed, so the process may take 6-8 hours.And it does not matter how many years have passed since the birth of first child - i or the first - our body remembers the birth experience no worse than riding a bicycle.The same applies to the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor - they have already undergone all these changes.


pain threshold at all different.Will re-birth is more or less sensitive, can not be predicted.Many mothers, feel the charm of the first birth, the second time choosing an epidural.On the other hand, before the second birth women experience less fear and relaxed state helps reduce soreness.

Practising muscle

To re-birth went faster and easier, you need to have your pelvic floor muscles toned.If they are loose, my mother can not fully push and the emergence of the baby born severely hampered.Ideal - to begin to engage in muscle recovery immediately after the first birth.After 4-6 weeks the young mother is recommended to undergo post-natal control, which is required to evaluate the state of the pelvic floor.If the muscles are strong and resilient, special exercises are not necessary.In all other cases, they must be dealt with separately restoration.In large medical centers engaged in this question physiotherapist.In the vagina entered a special sensor that delivers pulses to the pelvic floor muscles.The screen can be seen as they contract.The woman feels the muscle itself and can control them.Then we selected a special set of exercises that help restore its former tone.As a rule, enough of sessions, then these exercises can be performed at home.They are fairly simple.And if you learn to control your muscles yourself, mohsete and strengthen their homes.A set of exercises is effective at any stage after the birth, even after several years.About his choice to consult a gynecologist.Train the muscles of the pelvic floor is necessary not only to facilitate the generic process.They are essential for every woman: support in the correct position the pelvic organs, prevent prolapse of the uterus and bladder, protect against inflammatory diseases of the vagina and helps both partners to produce vivid sexual feelings.

Forerunners birth

Experienced mothers often miss the readiness of the baby to be born - the first labor pains may pass completely unnoticed.Often feeling the moment appear only when the cervix is ​​fully dilated.That is why, after 36-37 weeks of pregnancy, if you feel any cramping abdominal pain, not necessarily regular, it is better to consult a gynecologist.Only he can assess the state of readiness of the birth canal and the cervix, as well as to determine whether the fight productive (and you will soon become a mother again), or even the cervix is ​​fully closed, and you can go home safely to give birth on the road.


bearing-down period for all women held in different ways, but giving birth is much more productive.Mom knows how to breathe, when and how to push and much better hear hints of obstetricians.Regular attempts are much reduce the risk of fractures - quite common in inexperienced mothers.The return of the uterus in shape.After repeated multiple birth increases the risk of bleeding.The uterus becomes more stretchable and not shrinking fast.However, this question is rather more careful attention to doctors than to worry about.Mom discharged from the hospital when the uterus becomes thick and the risk of bleeding, as a rule, no.

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