To restore order in the perfect apartment

Right or wrong, imposing perfect order in the apartment without the knowledge of her vladtsa?

To leave or not?

Not to be unfounded boring, you can start with a frontal attack and tell two stories, which really was.Now, a young man by the name of S. & L. pretty passionately in love with each other.S. breathy tell your friends with a wonderful girl in every way he met.L. in turn urged S. had found the man of her dreams in his face.Just how serious it was, it can be judged by the fact that S. had brought his love of the holy of holies - the home of a bachelor.

It should be noted that the situation in C. was minimalist.The room C, for example, there were 2 tables - Working with the necessary documents, the second - a table for different useful things.It was utilitarian, and in addition the home seem more spacious, so that S. was pleased.However, since then, both in the bathroom of S. L. appeared toothbrush, everything began to change.It turned out that his home has long been idle idle a great wardrobe

and gathered dust at least noteworthy mezzanine.Only L. believed that they littered with trash useless and S. believed that this is not true.

Like any wise woman, L. did not go into polemics.In the absence of S. she visited the nearest trash can, and then quietly released the shelves, thus trying to restore perfect order in the apartment.And six months later, C. reached on the mezzanine and saw a perfect order.

On the same day L. and S. happened first real quarrel.L. was genuinely outraged.S. did not appreciate her efforts in bringing purity.Instead, he shouted that now nothing can be found in the apartment, and a week later he sighed because of the discarded "garbage" - the collection of children's icons.

Approximately one year after L. and S. parted.It happened after S. unsuccessfully wiped his hands - whether a towel, which was intended for guests, or simply decorative, that in general it was impossible to touch, so as not to spoil the order in the apartment.L. found him with signs of strong male hands.And it is not hanging, as it should, on a pretty plastic hook and almost crumpled.That was enough to activate seemed to active volcano.LA too long tolerated inaccuracy boyfriend, but then it could not continue.The address of C. it was everything I thought about it, and the same evening L. toothbrush in the bathroom from the cup evaporated.

S. But, sadly, did not come to repentance, to restore the relationship did not want to.He said that he did not want to feel at home, like in the army.And it does not want a girlfriend behaved as Comrade Senior Sergeant, he was ready vlepit 3 dress incorrectly set slippers.When the house becomes much more important than the order of respect for your partner, the benefits stay together does not seem to have such obvious.

Disorder form.

So I thought the story of the unfortunate exception of C, if not visited recently visiting a friend.In the absence of his wife, who was staying with my mother, we decided to celebrate him over a cup of tea freshly bought MacBook.Then the cell phone rang: a friend called his wife.I noticed that after that phone call, he suddenly began to nervously look around the apartment, as Professor Pleischner, who failed in the Flower Street turnout."You know, Kate really angry that mess in the apartment," - he said apologetically, and then we both look back.However, my friend was worried for nothing, order the house was perfect, in my opinion.

Cardigan, thrown across the back of the sofa, hung perfectly.Nearby on the floor socks were neatly stacked, apparently, quite fresh.Discs are assembled on a table in the stack rather than lay in groups like this, in my opinion, and is in disarray.Documents on the new computer were immediately at hand, which means they did not have to look at a pile of boxes.Crockery waiting their fate in the sink, anywhere - neither on the windowsill or on the fridge, I did not see a single dirty plate.Because my friend was able to get the perfect housewife, able to restore perfect order in the apartment, which I hastened to assure him.And we have a clear conscience, we decided to continue the conversation about the merits of our purchase.

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