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Dirty Martini

  • vodka - 180 grams
  • dry vermouth - 20 grams
  • pickle out of the jar with green olives - 30 grams
  • green olives - 4 pieces (with filling (lemon, anchovy))

1. Select a quality vodka without fruits, so it does not spoil the color and cocktails mutnela when diluted with other ingredients.Cool it before cocktails.2. Special triangular glass Martini wipe to a perfect shine and strongly cooled.3. In a bowl mix the high vodka, pickle, vermouth and olives.Shake and immediately pour into the prepared glass.4. If you need to cook a few "dirty martini", not too lazy to do the procedure several times - so the quality of the cocktail will be much higher.5. Do not tighten with the filing of cocktail guests - he drinks more cold.Your guests will be amazed by the usual taste and artful martini beverage strength, not typical of the usual martini, so do not overdo it with supplements!

Servings: 1

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