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As volyumetrika helps to throw weight

Dostatochnodvuh weeks to verify the effectiveness of this simple system.Sbrosivkilogrammy and cleanse your body of toxins, you can not fail to notice how easy it became to feel.Normalization of the digestive system - priyatnoeposledstvie weight loss system known worldwide volyumetriki.

What sutsistemy

Volyumetrikaberёt a rule to replace the normal food that we taste too, but soderzhitmenshe calories.So your favorite food and still helps us lose weight.For example, vozmitetarelku normal food for themselves, and then half of it aside and replace it svezhieovoschi or fruit.Judge: calories halve without izmeneniyaobёma.The total amount of nutrients and natural fiber only increased.Going away, seemingly as much, but lose weight.

Poprobuyteetot method of any of the foods that underlie your ezhednevnogomenyu but nuisance to lose weight.Method volyumetriki will demonstrate kakmozhno effectively lose weight and do not deny yourself the usual amount of food.Priderzhivatsyatakoy power system at all eas

y!Previously, to lose weight, you pytalisumenshit volume of its portions, and now you are allowed to eat as much, but otdavatpredpochtenie products with low energy value.So you clean svoyorganizm, making the stomach work fine, and in the process improve!Poprobuytepitatsya so two weeks - you definitely do not want to eat, as once before.

reasonable restriction

Chtobyvolyumetrika could bring maximum benefits to the body, and the results of its sohranilisna long time, reduce the consumption of certain products and by the end of diety.Ne lean on starchy vegetables - potatoes, pumpkin, corn.They ochenpitatelny, but they contain a lot of calories.Cut them sutochnoepotreblenie the maximum.Do not get involved solid cheeses.Chtobynasladitsya taste, you can eat a small piece, sprinkle them pasta, pizza salad, even add it to the soup.Finally, carefully sokratitepotreblenie sugar and salt.

sposobstvuetzaderzhke salt water in the body, which is designed to flush out accumulated harmful shlaki.Otkazhites also on canned food and any smoked products, replace solpryanostyami or natural lemon juice.Mayonnaise or ketchup replace obezzhirennymyogurtom and sour cream, sugar and drink only natural products, like Ana finished additive.

Luchshezamenit than cancel

known that a lot of calories in sugar.But he, too, in his own body needs.Therefore mproving cancel and replace it with sweet fruit.Excess salt (or penny konservirovannyeprodukty) retain fluid in the body - it is very harmful and even opasno.Poetomu instead of salt, use herbs as a filling and lemon juice.Mayonnaise Ketchup also contain a lot of calories, so instead they prepare to garniruovoschnoy sauce, salad refill the same yogurt or low-fat sour cream.Watch out then that the daily amount of calories was not less than 1200 kcal.Home observe vseprintsipy volyumetriki not reduce the amount of servings and reduce their caloric content.

Pravilnoesutochnoe menu

Obёmzavtraka let it be normal, but half of it let make sweet fruit.Chaypeyte not sugar and honey or fruit a bit of sugar.If you like the porridge in the morning - cook it on the water.Pamper yourself and do not give up chocolates otvtorogo a breakfast of yogurt, a small amount of cheese or cottage cheese, aglavnoe - fruit!

Lunch vsegdanachinayte with light vegetable soup.It contains few calories, but very pitatelen.Na second eat your favorite side dish, reducing its calorie raw, varenymiili steamed vegetables and greens.Meat and fish cook or bake vfolge.

Privykliperekusyvat?It is not prohibited, but the usual sandwich replace apple skusochkom cheese or whole-grain loaves.At lunch drink juices or yogurt (po150-200g), eat cheese.You can eat and chocolate, but only by a few pieces of fruit with iobyazatelno.Excellent chocolate satisfies hunger with kiwi, orange yablokomili.Drink green tea, or milk-fruit cocktail.

Dinner polovinuprivychnoy replace portions of steamed carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant vegetables idrugie.Avoid fatty and fried in butter dishes.Try neest bread, if you eat along the way pasta, ravioli or dumplings.Such dishes tyazheloperevarivayutsya, they are still better than eating lunch with fruit.Supper should be nepozzhe than three hours before bedtime.

Six printsipovvolyumetriki

  1. undiminished amount of food!Divide the usual dose, adding to her vegetables, berries ifrukty.
  2. Neotkazyvaytes from traditional dishes!Love cakes?Simply replace kaloriynuyunachinku meat fruit or vegetable.She loves sweets?Melt a couple kusochkovshokolada, dip it in slices of fresh fruit and enjoy lyubimymvkusom!Accustomed to the pasta?Cook them in a new way: to the pasta when cooked dobavte2 cup stewed or fresh vegetables, sprinkle with grated cheese.
  3. Unforgettable about physical exercises.This will help burn calories faster and vyskoro get rid of excess weight.
  4. Nepereedayte!Listen carefully to your body, featuring wild istinnoechuvstvo hunger from false desires.
  5. Poluchayteot food fun!Cooked with love and eaten lunch at a table krasivoservirovannym, satisfies hunger better than the food, swallowed hastily.
  6. Schitaytekalorii.A healthy body requires a day not more than 1200 kcal.Between priёmamipischi you can treat yourself to natural juices, cocktails or just zelёnymchaem.

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