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This can not go on a diet?

So who is it that diets are contraindicated and who need to abandon the idea of ​​sitting on a diet?

Detii teenagers

particularly dangerous diet with plenty of low-calorie ogranichennostyui for children periodrosta and puberty, as the body of a child during the period of growth bolsheyintensivnostyu consumes nutrients.Also during this period soprovozhdaetsyaaktivatsiey metabolism.

Limiting fat and protein in the diet is very dangerous, togdakak carbohydrates are usually presented in the diet volume, and they can be easily taken poluchitiz fruits and vegetables.

Explain limitations can feature metabolizmazakladyvatsya babies during the period of intensive growth.Violation rostaskeleta and underdevelopment of the internal organs can be caused nedostatkompitatelnyh substances enter the body, and it will affect the child's dalneyshemzdorove.

restrictive diets teen also not desirable takkak interrupts the synthesis of sex hormones are synthesized from fats.It povlechetza a violation of menst

ruation in girls, and this, in turn, razovetinfantilizm, impaired reproductive function and infertility.

disrupt the normal operation of the body can be vyzvanoogranicheniem in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.The consequence etogoyavlyaetsya crumbling teeth, skin problems.Also spoiled nails and hair.Kakpravilo associated with overweight is very intrusive complexes and plant soblozhek magazines.

If the weight loss your child has a need, it is appropriate for advice and seek advice from a dietitian, kotoryykvalifitsirovanno develop a weight loss program, using lechebnoepitanie and physical training.

pregnancy breastfeeding mother

This group of women belongs to the category, kotoroydiety absolutely contraindicated.During pregnancy, the body ochenchuvstvitelno refers to a lack of vitamins and nutrients.The body felt disadvantage may consider the situation unfavorable dlyarazvitiya fetus and can begin its rejection by miscarriage or prezhdevremennyhrodov.

In addition, the diet during pregnancy in order to pohudetmozhet lead to the fact that a child does not get the nutrients roditsyaoslablennym and painful with a small weight and height, sproblemami in the nervous system, and with weak immunity - all nazyvaetsyagipertrofiey.As a result, it will keep up with their peers vrazvitii.

Diet manifests itself in unhealthy women provotsiruyatoksikoz, dizziness, reduced pressure, accompanying these simptomyanemiey.

This applies to nursing women because nature zadumanaosobaya program for weight gain during pregnancy in women for the purpose of egoraskhoda the needs of the child.Weight loss, on average, to smooth obrazomproiskhodit first 6-9 months and not deceiving nature and not forcing organizmdietoy weight slowly in the first year of the period of breastfeeding is compensated, but vnekotoryh cases becomes smaller than it was before pregnancy.

If a woman still holds the inoydiety or in the postpartum period may come a hormonal disruption and rezkoeuvelichenie weight.


Changes in women of menopausal character on pryamuyukasayutsya and fat metabolism.And it happens because of hormone activity kotoryhsnizhaetsya.For this reason, many women during menopause gain weight idiety even the most stringent, in this period will not bring the effect to be more precise-they are strictly contraindicated.The reason is that the metabolism due to restructuring lowering estrogen yavlyaetsyaneustoychivym.

During menopause is wise to consult svrachom in addressing the issue of medication-estrogen smyagchayuschihmenopauzu and accepting that you will avoid sudden changes in weight.

restrictive diets also upsets the balance of protein minerals, and with the onset of menopause bone strapped minerals are much more fragile and diet can enhance the expression of takogozabolevaniya as osteoporosis, chtopovlechet of a bone fracture.

patients with chronic diseases

negative impact on the course of diet will hronicheskihpatology as any of the diets, being long and sharply restrictive in itself it is stressful for the whole organism, and will inevitably lead kaktivatsiyam chronic wounds.

People suffering from serious illnesses organovpischevareniya, especially gastritis, ulcers and bowel problems, diet also prohibited.In addition, the diet can not keep people from zabolevaniyamipecheni and gallbladder.The presence of pancreatitis is also a contraindication, as any diet, causing excessive secretion of enzymes in nedostatochnompitanii, causes the activation of chronic diseases.

diet is not necessary to respect and people having problems spochkami and heart, for the limitations provided diet can lead kstressu, which resulted in failure to start is not very healthy organs.The kidneys, which have a load on the metabolic products of the decay of tissue accompanying weight loss also react negatively to a diet.

Any diet, not counting medical categorically zapreschenypri have diabetes, in case of problems in the endocrine system.When nalichiidannyh disease control weight to lose weight you should only pripolnom control and consulting a doctor.

Even being healthy and having no contraindications, vybirayadietu, it will be better to consult a doctor as dalekone all of the diseases amenable to self-identify and nepravilnopodobrannaya diet can provoke an aggravation of latent diseases.

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