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Terms of supply while sedentary

Calories consumed per person per day shall be calculated on the basis of his obrazazhizni.For example, if you focus on calorie intended dlyabolee rolling lifestyle, but at the same time lead a polnostyuprotivopolozhny, may be a problem with overweight and takzheso health.It is worth noting that the food menu for office rabotnikovdolzhno significantly different from your people leading sedentary life.

principles of nutrition office staff

Jobs ofiseharakterizuetsya primarily sedentary, in which muscles telaokazyvayutsya relatively small load.Thus, narushaetsyakrovoobraschenie, is formed in the gut contents of stagnation, and as a consequence, it can be the basis for the emergence of constipation.

Most often, poistechenii working day, people go home and not in the gym.Basically vsepolzuyutsya transport rather than walking on foot.And in the end this way of life leads to vozniknoveniyutsellyulita, overweight or obese, and there are various problems with health.

Employees chyadeyatelnost focus

ed on intellectual work, physical deyatelnostosuschestvlyayut only by working on the computer with the help of hands.In dannomtrude priority is functioning brain, lungs and heart.What kasaetsyaostalnyh bodies, they, like muscles, are not active.

for people engaged in intellectual work, in food should prisutstvovatvysokoe amount of carbohydrates, and a limited amount of fat will only napolzu body itself.

It is worth noting that carbohydrates should come to mind is not in a chaotic manner and smoothly iravnomerno.In that case you'll get involved legkoykategorii carbohydrates, which include all kinds of sweets, glucose sharp skachkamibudet delivered into the blood.And, of course, the whole amount of the brain will be able to recycle eene, from which follows that of the glucose will stay in reserve.

also suschestvuyutuglevody complex compounds found in starch, which soderzhitsyav cereals.Thus, the glucose will be released at a slow pace, chtopozvolit maintain forces in the body and keeps rabotosposobnost.Klassicheskie muesli, without all sorts of additives, will be an excellent option dlyazavtraka, and it can be porridge, nuts and cereals.

humans, continuously working in offices, is not exposed to vneshnihfaktorov such as draft, rain, sudden changes in temperature, as onipostoyanno are warm.Consequently, employees have low immunitet.Chtoby enhance immunity, should eat pischevyebelki to help upgrade the proteins of the immune system.

But it is important to know that when a sedentary lifestyle, protein should not be ingested in excessive amounts.After all, due to immobility of protein in the intestine, nachnetgnit.Therefore, you should uchityvatkolichestvo protein intake.For example, it is ideally suited grammov.Otlichno about a hundred products from lean meat, dairy products dishes or fish dishes.But proteins soderzhaschiesyav plants absorbed more complicated.

What kasaetsyazhirov, preference should be given to fats of vegetable origin, combining them with a plant-based diet.For example, for a snack mozhnoispolzovat fresh vegetable salad, dressed with olive maslom.Energetichesky margin should be created in the body in the morning.Therefore nazavtrak should definitely eat a sandwich with butter horoshegokachestva.

junk food

Suschestvuyutopredelennye products that are used for people who have a job ofisnogoharaktera, it is not desirable.These products include vsevozmozhnyepitstsy, crackers, fast foods, etc.

Any given edane has nothing useful, the only plus is its flavor, which is reinforced expense all kinds of flavors.The main components of the data produktovyavlyayutsya fats and carbohydrates lungs.A minerals and vitamins in contrast, contain small amounts vdostatochno.Dry food is not the best obrazomokazyvayut effect on the body, because they are quite poorly absorbed, thus causing constipation.

also not recommended regularly drink tea or coffee with buns, candy, chocolate.And do not drink coffee or tea without sugar, because even two lozhkirastvorimogo sugar in your glass plate can replace the finished soup.

Problems often stalkivayutsyaofisnye employees

Veduscheyproblemoy employees performing work mainly in a sitting position, is constipation.Problems depend not only on the composition of food, but the quality of the activities of BCI.

pitaniyadolzhny products contain sufficient amounts of dietary fiber, containing tselnyezlaki.This may be wheat, oatmeal, buckwheat, and cellulose, soderzhaschayasyav various fruits.Thus, any snack to serve vegetables ifrukty, but buns.An excellent way out will bite apples, tangerines, plums and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

stoitzametit also the main cause of constipation is a lack of fluid, therefore, it is important to consume in large quantities.Here we have in viduimenno plain water instead of tea or coffee.Tea contains a component such as tannins, which only strengthens the chair.A caffeine, in turn, has the ability vyvoditzhidkost from the body and thereby the constipation is aggravated.Water for boleeohotnogo use, can be diluted with natural juices, but without soderzhaniyasahara.Also, plain water can be replaced by mineral water.

What better to cook at home?

More odnaproblema faced by office staff, it's no pravilnogopolnotsennogo dinner.And as a result, coming home, try vospolnitotsutstvie homemade food, overeating in full.

out izpodobnogo situation can be if you release some time in techenieobeda and tight lunch.Going home, you can eat fruit, unsweetened natural yoghurt ovoschamiili that discourage rapid appetite kotoryyrazvivaetsya on the way home.Thus, the house for dinner nesmozhet you eat too much.

A dinner in svoyuochered should be easy, does not contain fat and high carbohydrate komponenty.Takzhe should remember that dinner should not be late.With a large zhelaniiperekusit before bedtime, you can drink kefir or herbal tea.

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