Children playing outdoors

course, collecting the bags to the country, you have to take all sorts of games: badminton, flying saucers, ball, darts ... But even this impressive equipment will provide adequate leisure child.Children in the country need to do - play with them, to connect them to work on the house or garden, entertain, stage performances and allow to dream ... Children playing outdoors - subject of the article.

Little Helper

From an early age children should be connected to the work of adults.The kid will love to help you care for the beds.Buy him a garden tools, watering can and tell us what to do.Not bad isolate the child of his own garden.Discuss with them what he will plant the look of certain horticultural crops, as they should be watered ... With older children (5 years) can be to keep a diary of observations, making passports for plants, collecting herbarium.Going for mushrooms in the woods or milk in the village, do not forget to bring your baby.In the forest, it will be interesting new trees, you can sh

ow the differences between the young trees from adults to listen to the birds singing, gathering berries and mushrooms.And in the village he was happy to get acquainted with the hens, geese, cows, goats and horses.

Sports equipment

course, the more all kinds of games and accessories for them, you take to the country, the easier it will be to organize leisure time baby.Just do not expect that your child will occupy himself.Get ready to play badminton, tennis (tennis or table), football and volleyball, throw plates, ride a bike (or run alongside) and even stand on his head (in the case, if you want to learn the yoga baby with a toddler).A great way to entertain baby - put him sandbox (you can do it yourself or buy a ready-made form), a swimming pool, as well as an entire playground (kids love the swings, slides, hammocks and, of course, their own little houses, attics).I must say, with some effort, and the hill, and the house, and swing, you can build yourself.The main thing is to choose the correct drawing and a guide to action - a lot of them, and in magazines and on the internet - and stock up on the necessary amount of material and patience (by the way, you can bring to the construction and the baby - it can supply or help to paint the nails).However, if this option is not "about you", all the same, you can buy in stores (good now you can find anything you like).

The games children play

Leisure grandmother mum LIA - is one thing, but your child should develop social skills, learn to make friends and communicate with their peers.If your child is shy himself acquainted with other children, help them to do it.Invite the neighborhood children to their land, arrange competitions, barbecues and sporting events in the open air.You will not notice how kids make friends and will meet on a daily basis.However, the fact that your child have a friend (or an entire company), is not a reason to make them ourselves.Prompt them to help improve the game or those in which they play.Children are passionate about the Indians?So, make it appropriate costumes, pull bow and learn how to make a potion (of all kinds of grass and dirt).The main thing is not what happens at children.Kids go crazy for the Knights?Cut with them swords and make armor out of cardboard ... Well, finally, organize a real summer theater.Select with some fairy tale, distribute roles, sew costumes, paint the scenery and invite other parents to the premiere.This summer your child will never forget!

in bad weather

If you charge the rain at the cottage, it is not necessary to resort to using the TV.Bad weather - a great time for board games as a family, and co-reading books and cooking complex dishes to which on hot days just are not reached.In rainy weather, be engaged with the child modeling (for example, from salt dough), painting, make application, learn the technique of origami, or teach him to knit and embroider.Pope or grandparents can teach the younger old son to work with an ax, a saw, or arrange mini-forge.These skills will be useful to the future man and give him a lot of pleasure.The main thing - safety precautions!Try to keep the stroller with babies was always in the air.It is better to put it in the shade and be sure to cover with mosquito netting.If your baby has started to crawl, do not limit its arena or a special mat.Let him go to pot - according to pediatricians, it will be a powerful incentive for tactile development."Package" your toddler in the sling and walk with him in the garden and the house, allowing to touch anything he wants.Tell me baby, what to call certain trees, shrubs, birds, animals and materials.Any action should be turned into a game.If your baby recently learned to walk and even afraid to do it, stimulate his interest.Sprinkle sand on the site and protopchite interesting track, asking toddler walk in your footsteps.For an older child, you can come up with the game "GOLD".Bury somewhere new toy, draw a treasure map and come up with a series of prompts.The kid will be delighted to look for his toy.

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