I am happy that you are my friend

- Nel, and let's go to a nightclub?- I suggested one day.
- Not rash me insult to injury!Vic would drive from home.According to him, such as the elderly aunt, I should stay at home and nurse the baby.He and I did not want to let go of course.I had to say that the boss threatens to fire - Nelly sighed.
- Wait, who are you to be nursing?After all, your rabbi a night for almost fourteen?Is he himself not warm up cutlet?- I was surprised.
- He, maybe warm up Leva - independent boy.But Victor ... He believes that it is not men's business - from pots to stand.So his mother raised.
- You know, my ... Acne also piled the dishes in the sink - and a telly.Baba, that is, I will wash!And all because of the in-law!I spoiled!
- Vic, among other things, a loved one young man said.He was allowed to hang in the bar with friends.But somehow I do not!- Continued to resent friend.
- Nel, and he does not wear a ponytail?With a rubber band.To look younger ...
- Wears.How do you know ?!
- Because my same goes with the tail!-
I confessed.Forever in search of.I think about the high and great.And here I am with my little things: garbage bear the small milk to buy.Presenting: the newly pinned at night, I ate all the sausage, Vovochke had nothing to give to the school.Yes, and I was surprised that I swear.In general, we Neleus realized that each of us nursing home itself such nihilists.

This type can be described a few words: the output asleep before lunch on weekdays spends the evening or on the "business meetings" or in front of a TV set.I never in a not remove any utensils or socks.And when his wife falls into bed from exhaustion, he demands sex!And if he refuses to take offense ... One evening, Nelly called me on the mobile.She was nervous.She asked if we could meet now somewhere in the city.When I came to "our" cafe, a friend was waiting.I immediately noticed that Nelly was crying her eyes were red.
- What happened?Something small?
- No.Vitya.He was cheating on me.He has another, - she said.- Son of a bitch!
- How do you know?
- I know.A friend saw him at the restaurant.
in expensive restaurants.With some Baba.It does not lead me to such places for many years!"Hell, if I have not the worst option, - I thought.- Sometimes my husband comes with me to the city ... »
- Calm down!- He said.- Nothing in particular you do not know.Maybe it's just a colleague ... Business meeting.Often you?
- Of course!Do not be naive!You're talking like they are: love, calm down, it's not like you think ... - Nelia clearly mimicked her Blessed.- The point is not that I'm jealous!Those days are long gone.But I can not stand when cheating!Make a fool out of me!
- not roar.It is not worth it.
- just evil takes!And shame!I plow like a horse, and he ... Can you imagine what he said?He was not interested in me!I see, backward!Not aware of new products!Beast!In general, our husbands are alike as two drops of water.They even had similar names.Victor and Vital.Not the same, but very close.We Neleus times laughed to tears when one of us is quoted spouse, and finished second sentence begun.
- Vic returned home yesterday late in the evening - complained Nelia.- When I asked where he was told that I cling to it.Estimate!He gave me a scandal ...
- Yeah, and my even add that I'm not doing anything.Think about what a teacher!And it works like an ox.At night.And even better, day and night ... Not hard, legs and head!Listen - I joked - maybe we married to the same man ?!
- It can not be!- Said Nelia.- I have no surprise.

Of course, it was just a joke. Such "eternal youth in the eternal search for themselves" in nature, perhaps thousands ... There may be normal men, but we are unfortunately not included.Once romantic boys and boys stayed just were no longer romantic, but just selfish capricious.
- I was young and stupid - bitterly recalled Nelia sitting on a plate of salad at the pizzeria.Recently, she began to lose weight.- Why so early married jumped?Where were my eyes?Now I certainly would not have committed such a mistake!
- And why do you continue to live with him?
- I do not know.We have a son.A child needs a father.Especially - teenager.
- And we are not together for so long.So I can not say about himself that was young and stupid ... just stupid - I sighed.- In addition, there is the material side.Credit debt ... Bought an apartment and a car.How now to share?And we have a child too.Vitalka Vovochku loves ...
- Wow!- I surprised Nelia.- We have a similar situation!My Victor persuaded me that I sold my apartment, my parents presented to me.For the money and credit, we bought a house.Now all of this is our common.That is marital property.Recently, he reminded me that during one of the fights ... How to share?

us was no longer a laughing matter. was just not myself ... Similar names, long hair tied in a ponytail, character, vocabulary.Even profession like.My Vital was a sales representative in the company dealing with computers, and Nelin Vic traveled on business as a salesman something there is also connected to a computer!
- Nelia, you have a photograph of your husband?- I asked, because it suddenly occurred to me crazy idea.
- No, no ... with Kate, do you think that they ... it ... - She could not say it out loud.Sounded be complete nonsense!
- I really have the impression that we are constantly talking about the same person - I said quite seriously.- Let's see ...
Although it was absurd, but strange conclusions themselves climbed to the head ... We agreed to meet Neleus night at her house.My Vital had to stay at work late.Nelly opened the door and winked.Whispered:
- He's home!At computer.Vit, meet with my girlfriend Katya - she said loudly, opening the door to the living room.The man turned his head sharply away from the monitor: brunette, hair gathered in a ponytail ... No, it was not my husband.Although similar.Not facial features, his expression ... Eternal moody boy in search of itself ...

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