The menu for the birthday-year-old child

For parents first birthday crumbs is a lot of emotions and experiences.As the time to prepare?Who to invite?What to cook?It's not quite the whole list of parental concerns birthday.Today let's talk about such an important issue as the menu for the birthday-year-old child.

So, before you start to make the menu decide for themselves who will cook all the goodies.If everything festive meal you want to take on their parents' shoulders, the food should be delicious and prepared quickly and easily.Note that you will not have much time for elaborate dishes, as a small child continues to require a lot of your attention.

most important meal of the festive table has always been and remains cake .The design of the cake for first birthday - the object of much discussion.How many different forms of childhood only offer cakes to our attention by experienced cooks!In order to determine the choice of cake, you need to ensure two things: to come up with design and find a baker who can perform enough jewelry work.On t

he Internet you can find lots of different options for birthday cakes-year-old child.Shoes, dresses, bunnies, little animals and decorate delicious rattle baby cakes!But if the mother herself is able to bake delicious masterpieces, then her case, the new cake is the best option of the main attribute of the holiday table.Be sure to pre-buy a candle for baby cake.For the first years old are sold in the form of colorful candles edinichki also commercially available conventional candles with "podsvechnichkami" in the form of a train of wagons, machines, etc.

menu for the hero of the festivities

It is important not to forget about the treats for the birthday.I think that birthday - that's no reason for the experiments in the menu of your child.Therefore, it is not necessary to cook something new, or to treat the baby food from a common table.Just cook the most delicious child, his favorite dish - this is exactly what you need your child.

no potatoes anywhere!

probably hard to imagine a meal without a tasty potato!What a cook?This is how to allow your imagination: the roast, mashed potatoes, or potatoes in the pot - meet, I think, each invited guest.

On the festive table must be present meats .It can be burgers, chops, meatballs, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, fried liver or hepatic cake, fried chicken or pork, baked with mushrooms.It's not quite the whole list of those dishes that you can prepare.Choose what you like, what you do is more accessible.

Character salads depends on the season.In spring and summer are perfect salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage, fruit salads.It looks appetizing cabbage, mushroom salads and salads with corn, crab sticks and crackers.

How to present a festive table without fish !Smoked mackerel, grilled sea bass, braised hake - will not leave anyone indifferent!

Table decoration

It is important not to forget about the holiday table decoration.Baby meal always decorate elegant tablecloth, napkins designed with children and colorful dishes with images of fairy tale characters.

Anyway, compiling a menu for the birthday-year-old child - is an important preparatory stage of children's holiday.Therefore, it is necessary to make advance planning necessary grocery shopping, to pre-order a cake.It is also important to calculate the time required for preparation of dishes.Thus, plan and prepare everything in advance, you will create favorable conditions for the children a memorable holiday.Happy Holidays to you and your child!