Ingredients // Vegetables

Adjika with horseradish

  • Tomatoes - 2 kilograms
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg (for adzhika better to take the red pepper)
  • Garlic - 300 grams
  • Hot peppers - 300 grams of fresh horseradish
  • - 300 grams (It will take only a horseradish root. Leaves are not needed.)
  • salt - 1 cup
  • vinegar 9% - 1 cup

Tomatoes Wash, make cross-shaped incisions, pour boiling water for 20 seconds.Remove peel.Wash peppers, remove seeds.Cut into several pieces.In a blender grind prepared tomatoes, bell peppers and hot peppers.Horseradish root to wash, peel.Grate.Carefully, protect eyes.Garlic cleaned, cut into small pieces.The shredded vegetable mixture to pass from the blender into a bowl.Add chopped garlic and grated horseradish.Stir.Add salt and vinegar.Mix well.Adzhika ready.Serve as a sauce or seasoning.Store in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator.

Servings: 8

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