Why does a man hurts a woman

vysokomoralen perfect man, his mental and physical perfection can not be criticized.Ideal moralist happy forgive myself little flaws and weaknesses, rather believes that he simply does not.Ideal moralist is the great critic of women's disadvantages.And all of this far-sighted criticism is directed not at the woman's spiritual and physical perfection.In fact, this is one big trap.

Honey, why are you to measure the dress?... Honey, do not to your figure.My legs are better to hide under pants.Yes, hairstyle anything, but obviously not with thy countenance, cheeks something for the ears stick out.Listen, why do you make?So that that way is not very.Oh, my God, how many times do you say You do not know, do not go.Everything is upside down turned.Why do you spend so much money on a cream?Your wrinkles are already necessary to steam iron.The woman behind the wheel?- Definitely, the monkey with a grenade.If I had my way, I would be women under pain of death forbidden to drive.Yes, no matter how young, his moth

er, but age makes itself felt.Not because the girl, and everything quickly, all dress up.And the weight of clothing zamaskiruesh not, no matter how hard you try.Well, do not cry.Do not Cry.I'm with you.I love you and so it is.Look around as lonely.Do not have time to go out into the street prospective brides are ready to hang on the neck.Just offer themselves and are not shy, and intelligent, and beautiful, and secured.... But no one needs.Because the male is normal, one-two and all.Women are much more.Not enough for all men, not enough.But I'm not leaving.... Although my data as chances and so many possibilities!Single quick run down to the store for beer and cigarettes.What?Night in the yard.So what?Who do you need?Quickly, the small dashes, you can still buy fish to beer.You have to tights missing?Where do you spend your salary?My salary?Yes, I put everything in the car.Do you like to skate, love and sleigh to haul.... Well, it ran?Listen, realizing something for dinner.There is a salad yesterday?Its very eat.Oh, I'm tired today, back ache.Remember my back.Hands fall off?From what?Tired of sitting at work?And if you traveled by public transport, and not with me in the car?Listen, we have a refrigerator?Buzzing like a locomotive.You asked me to look?Do I look like a refrigeration?A wizard did not try to call?In the closet door hang out?Wait a minute, and when I do this?

All these comments, accusations and attacks, like water sharpening their composure woman cuts the ground from under his feet.And here, in fact, lies the very trap.To convince a woman in their own inferiority complexes and so loyal lady at the first sound of the male voice was like for Mr. Burke Sivka command to execute the first time and preferably without hesitation.To pray daily and systematically that lives with a man, and not one, as most around.... He loved her so, not perfect, Large, dumb, sluggishness.But as temptations around?And smart, and beautiful.Hundreds of women, stare at her one and only man.So what that drunk again?But I come home, not the women.That day can not stand trash?Tired after all, poor thing at work.TV does not work?Iron sparks?Nothing, call the master.On this special people have.God will lead and suddenly one day?How fortunate that he's with me.Just next.Just lying on the sofa.Just sniffing the pillow.Oh, it is me today twice embraced before going to bed!And socks in the tank with dirty laundry put, not as usual, in the middle of the room.

obsequiousness and submission, inferiority complex penetrates the flesh and blood woman.Forced into samoedstvom deprives confidence.There comes a fear of loss and obsequiousness.A man becomes a small world potentates and deity, constantly and skillfully dёrgayuschim strings female complexes and fears.And the woman ran to her only and is based on the first team, and beer, and a workshop and a car wash, and make the trash.Baba, know your place.One day the whole world in front of one single woman eclipses: And who am I needed?Yes, even coma.A first currently.After all, humor sparkled and sang songs and danced and wore tight dresses.And this was not normal, unique, individual.All dissolved all, exhausted.Was not interested, something like cornered prey and well behaved.And the hunter is not that interesting.What's wrong with her chicken, take?Chicken - not a bird.... And it was a bird.And how to fly?I lost.Lost in space-time.Well, if in part, and if completely?Itself is not interested in a state of chronic depression and fatigue in the Ferris Wheel life.What about self-development, spirituality, self improvement, spiritual and personal growth?And suddenly the chicken from last forces make a breakthrough.But after rushing mocking: Where are you?Where are you with your education?With these legs?Brains, etc.Do not believe it.You are a bird.The talented and beautiful.And each person is talented in his own way, and can grow and develop life.Be interesting to you or others.And between the borscht, pots, children and cleaning the house must be a woman's world.A world filled with harmony, joy and hobbies.And if a man really loves you, he will understand.Just talk to him.Firmly and calmly, that you, as he is entitled to their private space and time to rest and hobbies, respect and appreciation.And if in answer to all your desire for self-development and self-esteem your man twisted his finger to his temple.Well.... Caesar what is Caesar, the god of gods.Leave the load that pulls you down.With it, you are unlikely to be able to swim to the shore of the island by the name of surprising happiness.Make us happy can not be someone else, only ourselves.

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