How is the adoption of a child?

The adoption process is very complicated process, and just like a child from the orphanage are not allowed.Prospective parents are first carefully checked on the health, including psychological, to the material well-being, and only then begins the preparation of documents that will give you great happiness in the form of a small child.

And so, there are several ways on how to help children who do not have the luck to experience maternal love.And first of them, adoption .Adoption - this is an artificial way to establish rodstvennichestva, ie take the child as blood, the child becomes a mother, with all the circumstances, the rights and obligations.In order to adopt a child there is no age limit.When adopting a child receives the name of the new parents, and new name and patronymic may change the date and place of birth.Adoptive parents can be as spouses and single parents.The adoption process is made much longer than other types of guardianship, as permission is given to the adoption of a civil court

.When adoption is given as maternity leave and payments in connection with the birth of the child, if a child is adopted, and one-time compensation for adoption of a child from the state institutions.Depending on the place of residence shall be paid monthly allowances for a child.Checks for three years once a year, after which the check can be withdrawn if the education and maintenance of the child meets all the requirements.

In order to begin the journey of adoption you must first visit the guardianship of residence.It is necessary to collect health certificates and prepare documents for authorization of the guardianship of the possibility of becoming an adoptive parent.The next step is the submission of documents to the guardianship, where the documents will be considered by experts.And then you get a conclusion about the possibility of becoming an adoptive parent.In order to obtain authorization to adopt a child will need the following documents :

- brief autobiography;

- certificate of employment indicating the position and salary;

- a medical report on the health status (examination venereologist, psychiatrist, TB specialist, therapist, psychiatrist, laboratory findings Wassermann, AIDS);

- a letter from the law-enforcement bodies of criminal record.

After all these procedures can begin to search for the child, the guardianship authority issued the direction to get acquainted with the child, or to be more precise, with the form of the Child, which states age, gender, surname and patronymic name, date and place of birth, and other informationthe child.If you suddenly could not pick up the child's place of residence or to your place of residence is not child care, you can safely apply to other body care.

After selecting a child can apply to the court and patiently wait for the court decision.After that you get a copy of the court decision on his hands and get to the registrar a certificate of adoption, a new birth certificate, and registration of the child's place of residence of the parents.

Nowadays, there is a law on the secrecy of adoption.Article 139 of the Family Code says that officials knowledgeable about adoption must maintain the secrecy of adoption of a child.Disclosure of secret against the will of the adoptive parent committed by an official will be punished in strict measure and a ban on further practice in that area.

second way to get a child is guardianship (trusteeship) - custody of the children is set to 14 years, and the custody of children of 14 to 18-something years.The guardian parent has all the rights in matters of upbringing and education of the child, and the guardian is solely responsible for the child.Just guardianship can be appointed for a fixed term or without limit.When making a child custody are your name, surname and patronymic, date and place of birth are not changed.Government custody have the right to exercise control over the living conditions and upbringing of the child.It is often a gap custody for adoption.For guardianship guardian gets cash payments every month for the maintenance of the child.

Fostering - is a third way, a form of training and maintenance for the child.In this case, it is a contract between the family and individuals and authorities on the transfer of custody of the child to education for a certain period.Child support awarded funds, and foster parents are paid and they charged seniority.Fostering is also a gap for adoption as a child during the period of custody painfully accustomed and attached to the adoptive parents, so parents should be prepared for adoption.

Patronage - is a form of education of the child in the family who have been trained in the bodies of trusteeship.It is a tripartite agreement between the family and the institution of the guardianship for orphaned children.Patronage also often used as a transition to adoption.Child support paid as cash and counted seniority.Guardianship agencies provide training, rest and treatment patronized, assist in education.

Mentoring - baby just come for a visit, or spending the weekend or a vacation in a particular family, but not formalized documents on his permanent residence in the family, that is, the child is returned back to the orphanage.According to the guardianship, custody, this form helps the child to settle outside the orphanage and to know much more than in an orphanage.With mentoring a child appears a friend or relative outside the orphanage, which allows the child does not feel lonely.Just mentoring can be a transition to adoption, which helps you look good to the child.

Help your child who is sitting in the dark walls of the orphanage and feels so lonely, that causes a feeling of hopelessness.Help your child find a family and give him your love, because every child can become a mother.

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