How to make children's baby photo album?

Today, the mission of parents on children's album design 50% completed modern photography.For sale is a huge number of colorful and meaningful photo albums, through which only little left to do: to paste it most interesting photos and fill in the blanks in the album on the story of baby's life.On the other hand, over the photo album vsyo it is worth to work hard, because I believe that this work is creative.And like any other creative work, drawing children's baby album will be obtained to the extent that you "invest" it in his soul.So now we look at everything on the shelves.

selection of children's album

shows life experience, the greater the choice, the more difficult matter of the choice.However, due to the wide selection of various children's albums, you can buy the one that will satisfy even the most refined taste.

First you need to find their way in areas such as « price-quality ».You understand that the good quality photos will be expensive.Personally, I really like a photo album with se

lf-adhesive, illustrated sheets.An example of this album is a photo album «Pioneer 20sheet Our baby (Disney)».Very good, when in the photo, there are places to fill interesting moments of life.For example, "I was born ... hours ... minutes, I called the ... first impressions were mothers ..." and so on. It remains just fill in the blanks!

second point in the choice of the album - it's his appearance and content : cover, size, number of photos.You can even choose a plush photo album, but that's bad, he for many years can wipe and become a good dust collector.

the following: Determine which period of a child's life will cover album.Either it will be only the first year of life, or, in extreme cases, from year to year and a half, or it will cover not only the neonatal period and the first steps, but also during a visit to a kindergarten.Although I believe that the first year of life and a kindergarten - it is different, for extended periods, which is to buy different photo.

Well, when the choice is made and accomplished important purchase, is embarking on the most important point - registration.

What kind of photos placed in a children's album?

Of course, the best!If you have your own digital camera, you will have a sufficient number of pictures to choose from.Photograph your baby at least every month, wear it in beautiful outfits, choose a great posture.However, little kids are good in all positions!It will also be a good idea, about a year old, to go to a photo studio for the professional photographer and make some good pictures of both the child and the whole family happy friendly.Typically, the photos of the first year of baby's life consists of the following photos: "I was born," as the baby taken away from the hospital, the first bath, the first games and toys like baby changing by month, the first trip, the first new year, christenings, baby with motherand dad, grandparents, first birthday.

Short story of baby's life

Through beautiful and high quality photo album, you can tell us about the most memorable moments of his life.This impression mothers from pregnancy, from the first meeting with the child, and the first achievements of the first words.After many years will be very pleased to read about how growing and developing baby.Due to this peculiar "return to the past" as if to relive exciting moments happily lived period of youth and hope.

sure to put in a photo album prints baby hands and feet, and perhaps a piece of its curl, stick birochki brought from the hospital.This is something that will never be forgotten in your life!

Now safely to the point!

In fact, I told you the most important aspects of the selection and design of children's baby album.How it will turn out it depends on your desires and fantasies.But I'm sure one hundred percent that, in any case, the album for the kid and the kid will be a valuable gift for your child for years to come!

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