How to set the table for the first child's birthday?

In fact, how to lay the table on the first birthday of the child, and in general, how to arrange a holiday, write and speak a lot.So do the right thing, and to please your child and other children is not difficult.The main thing that this first holiday memorable.On such a day is necessary to remember that it is a celebration.Also, do not forget that on the feast of the birth of your baby going to small children, and it means that the rest do not have to wait.Of course, it is possible to cover only for adults and quietly noted.But, then, what will be different from others is the day?After the first year, the first celebration of birth should be remembered by all.Of course, your child is still not possible to remember it, but on the other hand, relatives and friends will be a long time to remember it and tell him stories.

So, how best to celebrate this first holiday?How to set the table to come up for the children?First, be prepared for what will come to you and all the children will no longer look as ha

rmless as you want.Of course, at first they are culturally sit at the table, because remember the orders of parents and try to behave well.But as soon as they begin to feel at home, inspection around, have a tasty meal and want to play, then adults will already be very difficult to bring them to their senses and see to it that after their game in the house was a whole furniture and things.

To this did not happen, you just have to think from the very beginning all the details and prepare the program.This, of course, have to take you, the parent.In addition, it is you have to take the role of leading.When you coordinate the celebration, and follow all the children, you will be able to control very naughty, and very restrictive zadeystvuete in competitions and will force liberated.

Now let's talk about how to meet the younger guests.First, do not forget that your child's birthday - a children's holiday.Therefore, it is necessary to assign the day.Try to have time to do everything before the arrival of guests.These adults can safely wait to drink beer and talk in the kitchen, and children need to triumph, so do not make them wait.Meet the children with a child in her arms.They need to understand that it came on holiday with your baby and it does not matter that he was still quite small.If you are all going to do, then, the children have the impression that your kid is not involved in the festival, and they stop paying attention to it.If they see and remember that it is a birthday, then the kids will play together, entertain your child and pay attention to it.

As for the holiday table, it should be covered so that the children still left room for games.If you have a large apartment, it is best to put a table in one room, and the second to take games.Thus, adults will be able to communicate a little quiet, and the kids to play and have fun together.Only, it is desirable that the room is next door.Thus, you will not have to constantly run through the house to look.Everything was okay with the children.But you always have to do it because, as you know, these kids should never be left unattended for a long time.

If the area does not, try to put a table somewhere near the wall to leave as much free space.Do not forget that children need space.If you make room chairs and other furniture, playing, children can be injured.After all, they still may not know how to control themselves, so during the game may come on to the chairs, put yourself bruises and abrasions to receive.And you do, of course, does not want.Therefore, try to organize the space.

now proceed directly to the question of the table and treats.Remember that your guests - children, so all food must be not only delicious, but also beautiful and interesting.If you follow a few simple rules, all the children will be satisfied and happy.So, with tables and chairs, make sure that children do not have climbeth of each other.If the table is close to the sideboard, immediately remove all the necessary utensils so you do not have to disturb guests during the celebration.When the children stand up from the table to play, clean plates and forks.Do not forget that kids are very active, so have something to break or drop over.Thus, you will protect both children and sets.And when they want to eat, put a clean instruments.

menu for the holiday better to split into several parts.For example, in the beginning, you can submit salads and cold appetizers.Then, take a break, which can be made for children of different fun contests.You can then serve hot.After a hot, let the kids splash around and run over to the food has settled, and now has a place in their stomachs for dessert.Sure enough, after the dessert, too, can spend a couple of competitions, to arrange a concert, in general, to amuse the children and leave them good memories of the holiday.

By the way, before preparing food, it would be good to find out whether children are allergic to certain foods.If there is a problem, it is better to exclude these dishes from the menu at all.To the children was hurt, that one something might have, and others - no.

Finally, at children's parties do not get too worry about etiquette and share instruments according to the rules.Babe enough ordinary plates, spoons and forks.All you need to cut - cut themselves initially.Thus, you will protect children and not scare them a wide choice of devices with which they are still simply do not know how to handle.

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