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Take childbirth, basic tips

1. Prevention

best way to prevent any problems in childbirth - even before pregnancy to detect and cure all gynecological diseases.Experts advise after the start of sexual activity at least 1 time per year undergo colposcopy - inspection of the cervix through a microscope.Only in this way can reveal erosion (the modern name of "ectopic").This is way out of internal delicate tissues more prone to the development and penetration of infection (papillomovirusnoy, chlamydia, herpes).Ectopic may remain the same size for years, and can start to grow.If the doctor does not do a colposcopy, you can say that the neck does not inspected.

2. Treatment

used to be that women can not be treated nulliparous cervix before birth take basic advice (possible scarring can adversely affect the generic process).This opinion was due to the fact that the erosion burned electrocoagulation or simply excised.These treatments are very hurt neck, and is caused by connective tissue deprived of its elasticity (it does not st

retch and tear).Today proved that ectopia necessarily be treated.The large area of ​​the damaged tissue at birth increases the risk of fractures occurring usually in the affected area.Modern methods of treatment the doctor chooses individually for each patient.The cervix is ​​very sensitive to pain (may appear nagging pains in the abdomen, as in menstruation).Therefore, most of it produced in the manipulation or no anesthesia or under local anesthesia.

Modern methods of treating ectopic
retain the natural elasticity of the cervix and do not leave scars:

- the special mixture of acids (Solkovagina),

- laser photocoagulation,

- radiowave coagulation,

- cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen is stillspores).

3. Regular inspection

soft tissue injuries of the birth canal is often caused by inflammation of the vagina (vulvovaginitis, colpitis and other diseases).In no case do not skip the designated inspection gynecologist during pregnancy.Healthy tissue is more elastic and less prone to breakage.In addition, experts advise to all expectant mothers in the 36 weeks to hand over a smear on the flora of the vagina and the need to pass the necessary treatment (fear not applicable at this time drugs are absolutely safe for health crumbs).

4. Train

There are some simple exercises that strengthen the muscles wonderful pelvic floor and is good preventive maintenance breaks.In addition, they help to make more flexible existing stitches.Such as Kegel exercises, you can do them for the duration of pregnancy in any free moment.Mandatory requirement - the absence of contraindications (be sure to consult with your doctor).

Why do episiotomy

Episiotomy in some ways the most recent measure of prevention of fractures.If the doctor sees the birth process, the skin was white and just about ready to burst, it can cut the fabric itself.Smooth cut in the side after suturing will heal much faster than ragged edges of the tear towards the anus.Other indications for episiotomy is intrauterine fetal hypoxia (when it is necessary to speed up the process of birth) and premature birth (in order not to injure the baby's head).To seal quickly healed, follow all recommendations.

5. Massage

crotch gap often occurs during the eruption of the baby's head when the fabric tested maximum load.Good prevention in this case is considered to massage the perineum oil.You can start doing at any stage of pregnancy, but especially after 28 weeks.For multiparous women, who at the time of the first birth episiotomy (perineal excision), this massage is most relevant - it will return the old seam elasticity and heal the fracture.

Begin to massage first time in a week, and two weeks before delivery - everyday.It is best in the evening after a shower, for 5-7 minutes.

6. Choice of hospital

situation before delivery has a tremendous impact on the whole process of the emergence of the baby born.The subconscious fear at the sight of wards can raise the pressure to increase the level of stress hormones, reduce labor.Instead of following other people's tips, possibly bypass some maternity hospitals themselves choose the one where you feel most comfortable.

7. A competent midwife

It will help you get all the way from the first attempts to exit the crumbs into the light.The most important thing you can do - is to trust in her experience, and listen to all the tips.The midwife should not rush you too disclose neck with his hands.At the time of removal of the head, she asks not to make an effort not to force the course of events, and start how to move the soft tissues of the perineum with the baby's head.Mom at the same time needs to breathe and often superficial, but in any case not to push (this may lead to breaks).

After the baby's head out little face turned to one of the mother's hips, then shoulders are born.Midwife brings first one shoulder, then the other.At this point the mother should also not make an effort.If you rush things, the shoulders are not born by one, and together, which can also lead to tearing of the vagina.

Massage Oil

It can be any natural (kalendulovoe, castor, olive, almond, wheat germ oil with high content of vitamin E).At the same time it is necessary to consult a specialist in order to avoid allergic reactions.The most common environmental kalendulovoe recommend vitamin E oil from Weleda, natural massage oil and prevention of perineal tears during childbirth.

8. Vypevanie fights

One of the most effective methods developed by Michel Odent.It is proved that the muscles of the throat associated with the muscles of the vagina.If you she sings during fights opening sounds of "o" and "a", thus you will disclose intimate muscles.Between contractions, you can drink the sounds of "mmm" - like filling of his belly, and helping to push the fetus.Singing gives moms the opportunity to fall into a trance and act instinctively.According to Michel Auden, his patient recalled later generations as a very bright and pleasant event.

9.Ochen important
, midwife to allow you to change the position of your own choice.It is noticed that in this way avoids discontinuities over 40% of women.You can sit on the edge of the bed or on a fitball, get on all fours, lean chest on a table or a pillow to lie on his left side ... Listen to what your body says.

10. Medications

In some hospitals, seeking to insure themselves against cervical tears, all new mothers after the withdrawal of water is introduced into the neck of a special preparation.This may be a prostaglandin or kelp seaweed.Secondly, as a natural substance, have fewer side effects.The drug is administered as a stimulation, but some experts believe that the intervention in natural processes can harm - delivery will go faster, too, can strain the muscles of the uterus and lead to ruptures.Ideally, in each case, the issue should be addressed individually.

11. The right attitude

Every woman should itself take birth as a natural and enjoyable time because thanks to him, she becomes a mother.How will labor, ultimately depends on you.Nobody is better not to be able to understand what is happening to your body and with your child.You learn to trust yourself, because your body is the very nature created for the birth of children!

Past experience

Have breaks during a previous birth does not mean that you can not avoid them this time.The main thing - carefully keep track of their intimate health and the recommendations of experts.And, of course, take advantage of our tips - they will help you reduce the risk of recurrent fractures.

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